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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It was a nice cool dewy morning , I turned off the AC and opened up the windows, there was a nice gentle cool breeze and the air was fresh !  I had to  get out and take some photos as  it had been to hot that past week or so to be out.

       I am still practicing with the Macro lens for close ups , depth of field and lighting!


                                                            Snake skin !


                                                                Papa’s Incrediball bush !


                                          My  Morning Glory’s have finally bloomed !




              My depth of field ! Try to get the background in focus as well as the subject !




       Well that’s it for now, I am sure as its cooler today I will be going snap happy lol !

                                   Until next time, hope you all have a wonderful day !

                                                          COUNTRY GAL


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

What gorgeous photos!!! I especially love the one of the morning glory close up and also the Cosmos... wishing you a beautiful day... xoxo Julie Marie

Lorilee said...

Great photos. I love the super close-up of the Morning Glory. We found a big snake skin in Grandma's flowerpots after we made the strudel. Hope it wasn't a venomous snake.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello!! I'm just getting back into town and getting caught up on your blog and have really enjoyed the photos on your post that have a few of my favorite things; morning glories, and cosmos--I'm sorry the snake skin isn't one of them, but I've found one this year too, I'm glad the snake it belonged to was gone! :-)

offset printing said...

The photos are so great! Very lively and it really represents the early morning at your home. Filled with colorful and vibrant flowers. It's as if Spring never runs out of good things to produce, eh? I think your macro lenses are great in shooting details and the colors are so lively. Keep on shooting!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read that things have cooled down and that you got some rain too, Elaine. It's been wonderfully cool here in RI (so far) but the heat is supposed to return by the weekend. We're having a great time visiting with the new granddaughter and family. The macro shots were great as were the Miggy portraits.