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Thursday, July 14, 2011



Well I don't know about perfect but I have been doing a lot of practicing with my camera and Macro photography. It is a lot of trial and error when your self taught that's for sure and a lot of reading and fingers crossed and hope for the best type of thing lol. I am really enjoying the Macro lens and all that I can do with it. It’s amazing how different things look when your up close and personal with them . I also am still learning all the things my camera can do as well and how many  different ways I can photograph just one subject its mind boggling really but fun !


       I am learning depth of field, for those who don't quite know what that is ,  it’s when the subject is in focus and most of your background is as well and not all blurred out ! It is harder then I thought to do.


                              Ok ! no rude remarks or thoughts of this photo ! lol


                                  These little Beatles are creepy looking up close !


                                                Talk about a messy eater ! lol


         My Macro lens is also great for full shots ! Again practicing my depth of field !





                                              Photography is my passion !

                               A lot of practice , trial and error but I love it !

                                 Until next time, hope your day is picture perfect !

                                           COUNTRY GAL


Anonymous said...

I think you sure have got it down pat this macro stuff. Truly amazing what the camera sees and we dont till we upload the pic. like bugs, we can see their detail with our own eyes. I love macro, its a whole new world.

hum... blogspot wont let me post under my ID. I found if you change the comment page to a popup, then many folks that have the same problem can post easier.

God bless and keep you all safe.

Country Gal said...

Thanx Tammy for your kind words.
Have a wonderful day !

Mama-Bug said...

They're all great photos; love those flowers. Macro photography is so much fun.

fernvalley01 said...

Wonderful pics, all of them