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Sunday, July 24, 2011



We had a bit of a thunderstorm last night. It wasn't much of a storm but WOW! did we get rain WOOHOO ! about time, we hadn't had rain for a month and all the grass was looking brown and very thirsty . I had been trying to keep all my gardens and planters watered but nothing seems to be the same as rain water for them fresh from the sky’s .It’s strange how mother natures rain does the trick. Papa and I sat out on the back porch for a while in the dark just listening to the rain and feeling the cool breeze that came with it, listening to the crickets as they made their sounds so loud as though they were playing in the rain drops, mind you after it was done it got even more humid as the moister went back up into the air. It looks like it may rain again today, big dark clouds are floating around today and it’s humid so today we are just staying indoors where its nice and cool.

                DSC_0007                         Until next time , hope you all stay cool were ever you may be !

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Lorilee said...

Glad you got some rain. We have been in a drought all this year. It is super dry and hot here. Even the humidity is lower than usual for us.

Gail said...

Wow! We still wait...

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

I have been hoping for a nice cool rain here too, but so far no luck!... enjoy your nice cool day... love your header photo with sweet Miggy!... xcxo Julie Marie

retriever said...

Lovely blog, in Belgium stange weather, hot and too much dry in spring, and now summerwith too much rain and cool for thre season... but it is life.. we can choose,greeting from me with my two golden retriever and my cat.

Heidi said...

You are a fantastic photographer. Your images are inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.