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Monday, December 6, 2010


We are getting hammered here in south western Ontario, it has been snowing since yesterday .This is the snow I remember having as a kid.  I will have to get my flag out so I wont get lost in the snow ! It is to continue snowing through the night and into tomorrow !
Well the good thing is I have a nice warm fire going so its nice inside for when Papa comes home from work ! Hope you all have a warm happy and safe day ! 
If you would like to see photos of our winter wonderland have a peek on our K & E Photography blog.
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Laura said...

OMG!!! Too much snow, I don't like it!!!!
Here in North Italy we have been having rain since more than 3 weeks; it stopped for few days and then started again. I don't know if it is better the snow or the rain.... anyway I PREFER THE SUN!!!!
Take care and stay home & safe!

Crystal said...

I like the ones of Miggy running and playing in the snow! Of course Harley looks cute as well looking out.

Unknown said...

I love Miggy's face full of snow....You take wonderful pictures! Stay warm and cozy..
I love the sounds of your blog...the crackling fireplace is awesome and running water...it is so soothing..Lisa