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Friday, December 10, 2010


As if we didn't get enough from the first storm that went from Sunday to Tuesday.The past two days the weather has been sunny and the temperature has been cold but bearable. Today it's back to snowing and windy, cloudy , gloomy , cold and just plain YUK !  A day to stay in with the fire place going, reading my book, blogging and just puttering around. The weekend weather isn't to be any better either, maybe I will finish our Christmas decorating this weekend and get the cards done and sent out or do some Christmas shopping who knows, all I know is Papa will be home with me as it is the weekend and that just makes it all the better!

                              Have a warm and wonderful weekend !



lisa said...

We haven't had much...they keep telling us it is going to snow and we wake to none...BUT tomorrow they say we are going to get hit and then winds are going to pick up and then Sunday and Monday the wind chills will be -30.
Not looking forward to that...Must get bird seed and make peanut butter bird seed balls for the birds...they love and the fat helps them... stay warm and cozy...have a great weekend..Lisa

Nezzy said...

This is one chick who could certainly go without the snow and be a happy camper but baby I fear it's gonna hit us soon and very soon.

God bless, hunker down and have a stupendous weekend!!!

Robin said...

I had big plans for shopping this weekend. I'm rethinking my plan since the snow and COLD is coming our way again.

Try to stay warm. I'll be finishing up my holiday decor also. I figure if it's not done this weekend it's not getting done this year! LOL

p.s. your blog banner photos is SO CUTE!

Crystal said...

we are getting more snow now as well, but mostly it has been just plain old cold!

Patsy said...

It warmed up here to the 40's and now the rain is coming then the drop in temp. So we may get some s---.

Gail said...

I love your header...how have I missed that?

Snow, snow, go away...I don't want any ice or snow but since I am not in charge, I will have to put up with it. None yet here, but I know its coming.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We are between two storm too..staying home and out of trouble for the weekend! I hope you got some great snow photos:)

Lisa RedWillow said...

It so cold here Stay warm too. It snowing here too.

Verde Farm said...

Enjoy that wonderful snow. You can always shop on line from the warm couch and fireplace :)

Faye Henry said...

Sounds lovely to me Elaine.. Have a wonderful weekend whatever you decide to do..
Love the music...