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Monday, December 6, 2010


We have just been pummelled with snow and winds now. It has been snowing since yesterday, its a winter wonderland,  so pretty as it sticks to everything and takes shape of each object . Papa had to leave earlier then usual this morning due to country roads aren't  ploughed right away, he made it safely , called me from work to put me at ease. 

I may go out later if it settles down and take more photos, that's if I can find a winter coat that fits , I am a little ok but a lot upset about it cause I have put on more weight then I ever thought I would, I have always had a weight problem and 4 years ago finally got it all under control and for the first time in my life felt good about myself . I was finally thin after most of my life  battling the bulge , then menopause hit , retiring came about due to really bad  IBS  and now I am right back to were I started with the struggle and depression all over again. I have gained 40 pounds in a year and a half , it wouldn't be so bad if I was taller but because I am short and what I call compact  its worse to me and the stupid thing is I cant eat a lot of foods, especially fast foods, junk foods , spicy foods, carbonated drinks or fruit juices due to my IBS , I dont understand it at all  , I have had my thyroids checked and all is good, had all other tests done and all came back good so why am I having this weight problem, yes I did used to be more active but then it was to the extreme before I moved back to the country. I try to take Miggy for a hour walk every day  and keep moving but it doesn't seem to help any more ! Just feeling sorry for myself today after I realized a coat that hung off of me is now to tight and yes I cried ! Well that's enough with the wowies  me bit now. I had my vent publically  and in print, embarrassed about it but hey no ones perfect !  Until next time. I will post some more winter wonderland photos  here but most will be on our K & E Photography blog. 

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                       Have a happy and warm day !


Unknown said...

(((HUGS))) I know where you are coming from...I do not like menopause at all... Just know there are alot of us their struggling with weight gain...We joined weight watchers and lost and now are back to where we started at.. My hubby wants to go back to WW after the holidays..We will see.. Just know there are alot of people out there for you...Lisa

Patsy said...

I know just how you feel I am short and did the same- lost looked better in my clothes then retired. Well what the heck the Bennie STILL LOVES ME.
I feel left out all my blog friends have snow. lol-- but us bloggers in south U.S.A.
Hugs and shall I say stay warm

Country Gal said...

Thanx so much for your kind comments and support, its hard some times ! Patsy you will have snow soon ! Have a warm and happy day to all !

Country Gal said...

Lisa ! Thanx for following and joining our country cove blog family and friends !