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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well people ! it's still snowing here in South Western Ontario. I guess this is were the saying watch what ya wish for comes in to play lol I wished for snow and  BOY OH BOY !! we are gettin it . It has been snowing since Sunday and it is to keep snowing on and off till the end of the week !  There are some roads closed and schools, all school buses in the area have been cancelled  again for the second day, bet the kids are lovin that lol  and we are having to dig our way out once again just to get out the door. Papa left early again for work, made it safely thank goodness and Miggy and I are just relaxing and enjoying the pretty winter scenery and watching the birds hoard on the seed in their feeders in the back yard, every now and then giving them selves a little shake to get the snow off  of their little backs, I can almost hear them saying BRRRR  as they shake them selves off. Harley is freaking out at the birds flying all around, she goes into a strange almost crying  fit at the sight of them as she sits high on her scratch post watching from the dry and warmth of the indoors . I don't let her go out side as to many cats around here become, well lets just say it ROAD KILL ! I would hate for that to happen. So everyone is just puttering around today . If the snow lets up a bit Miggy and I may go play in the snow !  Until next time, for those of you who are in the same snowy predicament as we are , have a safe and warm day ! 

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Heritage Farm Village said...

miggy is so cute, i hopped over the view the pics! glad you keep your harley in...you reminded me to get more feed for the birds. sorry you are surrounded by snow...i wouldn't care much if i didn't have horses...thanks for your nice comment on the heritage farm blog...that song is still in my head! jill