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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This morning the fog was as” thick as pea soup” my mother would say. It is to be clearing and lifting later to a sunny fall day. I went to the front door to take some photos of the fog, its amazing how it just hangs there and makes the land look mysterious ! As I was taking the photos I had a little visit from a stray cat so I thought I would take his photo and make him a star ! I just looked out the window as I am posting this and the sun is shining its way through the thick dense fog and cloud , it looks like a head light shining through. I am hoping to get out today and take photos of what ever catches my eye. Until next time, Hope all of you have a great day !DSC_0011  DSC_0012


bennie and patsy said...

Your rainy Tuesday children are so cute.
Wish we had fog and rain it is over due the fair came and went and not a drop of rain.

AnnCrago said...

..Hey Kiddo...I love the fog and rainy days..reminds me of Caledon. We must have "cell memory" from a time WAY back when in England.
Nothing like a ride in the rain..and then you meet a deer coming out of the fog...Marvelous....Have a great cozy snuggly-buggly fall..Hope there are lots of cozy days before the cold winter...Keep well...
Ken...hope your "dog house" is well insulated!! LOL luv ya :)