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Friday, September 3, 2010


We have rain. It started this morning and just poured down heavy and  it was windy. What we need is a entire day of gentle rain so it soaks into the ground, but I guess at this rate we will take what rain we can get. The air is still hot , humid  , muggy and sticky, yuk ! I cant wait for the cooler fall weather ! 
Our boy’s are coming down to stay the weekend, its a long weekend for us here, so looking forward to seeing them.  Well got to go now, have lots to do before they get here.We will have pictures of them here for next post.  Hope you all have a great day !!!!

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AnnCrago said...

..rain..holy crow us too....our Fall Fair was pretty much a bust this year...cold and rain and WINDY.....after such scorching weather for so long...had to put Ziggys' rain sheet on him so he wouldn't get sick...they are still on night turn-out (summer schedule) and standing out in that stuff would be just too much !!!
Mandy had a lot of crafts and art work in the fair usual..and got many First Place ribbons ..her stuff is just beautiful..and very creative..clever girl..
Hope the winter isn't going to be as bad as I have a feeling it will be !!! Will just have to wait and see...
Chat later....Luv Ya ;)