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Thursday, September 16, 2010


We woke up early this morning to thunder and heavy rain. We need the rain that's for sure. It will be raining all day,  I enjoy an all day rain, so relaxing and you can get other things done that gets put back on the list from the days that you spend out side when the weather is nice. Like blogging lol , reading a book , maybe watch a movie or start a craft that you have been meaning to do, call a family member or a friend, there is so much you can catch up on when its rainy out, or be like my dog Misty here  beside me as I write this, catch up on some shut eye lol.  I love the sound of the rain as it pitter patters on the windows and the roof.  Well , today I am planning to go through old photos  that I have had in a box and see what idea I come up with . Until next time, you all have a great day !
                                           A quick photo of our rainy day from the window !

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