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Monday, September 27, 2010


Today is a chilly cloudy dreary day, the skies look like it will be raining  at any time but yet holds off . I think I may put the wood stove on. I don't like it when its like this cause you never know whether you can go outside for a bit with out it  pouring on you. Maybe I will take the chance and attempt to take Miggy for a walk and hope we don't get drenched .  Hubby is at work,Miggy is sitting beside me chewing her toy as I am trying to find something here to talk about, I find it hard to just talk about nothing or as I put it ,  babble on !
I have laundry on the go, the cat is fast asleep on her scratch post  looking like she is about to fall off of it at any time like she always does, have the dinner meat thawing for tonight as I sit here thinking of something interesting to say . There are times I could ramble or babble on and on and other times I am completely blank and haven’t a clue as what to say, will anyone out there in blog land be interested in my nothings and my babbling or will they think I have lost it all together. That,  I already feel like some days, like when you walk into a room to get something, till you get there and think “what am I here for” or “what was it I needed”  I hate that cause it usually takes hours before I remember what heck it was!  Menopause! that's what it is and why I have a bad memory and go blank at times or forget things. That's my story and I”m stickin to it ! Why do they call it Menopause ?   it hasn't anything to do with men, or does it  ? lol. The Dr says I am pre or peri Menopause more like  “FULL  BLOWN” with all the symptoms, just ask hubby he’ll tell ya. Like the days I feel grumpy or sad or want to smack someone or am just  plain fed up, Menopause ! Isn’t  it wonderful ? NOT!!!! I am a bag of hormones changing all the time, it drives me nuts, or am I nuts? Well my family and friends already know that , I was that ages ago before the so called wonderful “change of life”. There are articles I have read about women welcoming Menopause and as they say”embrace it, the hell with that ! I guess those women aren't as far into it as I am cause if they were they wouldn’t be embracing it they would want to  scream , jump up and down pulling their hair out . What with the sweats the chills the moods the weight gain the bloating  the thinning of hair the ups and downs of it all I am surprised I haven't been committed, yet !  Hubby is very understanding yes but then stays well out of the way when the nasty’s hit, poor guy ! I don't blame him !   So as each day goes by I try to manage with it all and just laugh and joke about it cause if I don't who knows what mood I will be in then. Well so much for not knowing what to say here and for not babbling on , see once I start ya just never know what I will say !  As for all you women out there going through the “change of life”  It will be tuff at times but just remember this, oh what stories you could tell about it and that your not alone even though you may feel like you are  ! Till the next not knowing what to say babbling fit ! Have a great day !


Ken Wood said...

Well all I can say is, I have the Proverbial Dog house built but as of yet never HAD to use it. only CHOOSE to use it :) *kisses luv ya sweetie

bennie and patsy said...

Oh honey you are just part of us blogger land ladys if we were not babblers what fun would it be to blog.

AnnCrago said...

...Cheer truly doesn't last forever....just seems that way !!! I'm on the other side of it now...and having the time of my life...feel like I did at 10...confident, don't care much what others think,and doing whatever I want to back with my dogs and horses reading and writing ...I finally found ME again after 40+'s wonderful :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

It only lasts about five or six years..Menopause is nearly as bad as when I went through puberty..oh those hormones they will put you through hell and back. I still have some relapses..usually food induced hot Oh babble all you want..that is what a blog is for! :)