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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went for a little walk to see what I could find to take photos of, this is what I found.


pretty wild flowers.



seeds on the maple tree, we call them helicopters cause when they fall they spin around like the blades of a helicopter.  


          DSC_0017                                                                                a dove watching me.



snail in the garden

       DSC_0009 Misty barking at a squirrel she just chased up a tree.


  DSC_0010Misty is watching were the squirrel will go next.


Misty is taking a break after chasing the squirrel


DSC_0005 She is my country scruff . We nick named her Miggy and she responds better to that then her name , I wonder if dogs prefer certain names, I guess they do Miggy can attest to that. 

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