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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday Miggy and I were able to get our walk , the rain held off till the evening, as for today not so lucky , it has been pouring all morning and no sign of it letting up at all . I think today will be a good day to read my book, search and read blogs or  just putter around . DSC_0003  Harley snoozing as usual !

DSC_0005  mom I’M petting the     kitty,hey ya want to play !

DSC_0010  it’s stopped raining ! Mommy I want to go outside and play can I pleeease !

                          What do all of you do on a rainy day !


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey! On rainy days we look for something to do..go and run errands..dust or clean something..and have a nap..rain makes me so sleepy..I can also catch up on blog reading!! :)

Verde Farm said...

How sweet is that photo of the dog petting the kitty. What a pair :)