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Saturday, September 4, 2010


We woke up this morning to quite a chilly morn,  it turned to fall over night, windy, cool and fresh the air was.

Our boys are here now for the weekend and we all are going to be busy with cutting the grass and trying to finish up cutting the humongous wood  pile for our fireplace  and some for our fire pit out side . It’s funny how they are always put to work when they come down here to visit lol Papa always has something for them to do to help. They both are quite the characters  it’s always  quite comical at times when we all pitch in to do chores  together, Papa and I are also jokers so you get us all together and its a laugh!  I will have to take lots of pictures that's for sure!  Any who off to start our busy day, until next time, you all have a great day !

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bennie and patsy said...

This cool feels so good makes work out side much more fun with the boys I bet.