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Monday, March 28, 2016

A Great Easter Weekend


It was a great Easter weekend , Started out with my surprise birthday party on Friday , posted photos of it yesterday ,  seeing my family and spending time with them to a nice day Saturday at home puttering to lovely weather yesterday and being outside cleaning up the yard and gardens to a lovely supper for Easter at  my in laws . 

Papa and I were busy out side as the sun was shining , not a cloud in the sky and the temps hit 15C or 60F  in the shade and 20C or 70F  in the sun it was awesome .

MARCH 2016 (20 of 21)

Papa was busy cleaning up his shop and putting up some of his newer bird houses he built and cutting up scrap pieces of wood for me  , whilst I got the camp fire going and cleaned out the butterfly garden from the winter protection of leaves as insulation and then burlap over top . When I took it all off of the garden I saw lots of new shoots growing from the plants so that was good they had their first year of over winter protection and are now good to go !

MARCH 2016 (10 of 21)

MARCH 2016 (13 of 21)

MARCH 2016 (11 of 21)

          Papa also made a new hanger for his tool shed to hang the leaf blower up so it is accessible and easy to get to !

MARCH 2016 (12 of 21)

MARCH 2016 (14 of 21)

The wood shop doesn't have heat as of yet so Papa cant spend any time out in it in the cold weather  , so yesterday he was soo happy to get back into it and get going  and I love hearing him in there all happy .

MARCH 2016 (4 of 21)

One of the new bird houses he built  and the next one is an older one the prototype from last year which the birds nested in all summer and are now checking it out again lol . Papa put that one on our garden sign .

MARCH 2016 (7 of 21)

                                      I was busy cleaning out the butterfly garden,  ok and taking photos lol !

MARCH 2016 (5 of 21)

                                           And of course our number one supervisor was there as well lol !

MARCH 2016 (9 of 21)

                                                         And she was also supervising Papa in his shop !

MARCH 2016 (18 of 21)

MARCH 2016 (8 of 21)

                 I put out my bird bath fountain  and after I took the photos the birds crowded around it bathing and drinking !

MARCH 2016 (15 of 21)

                                                                                     Had a nice camp fire going .

MARCH 2016 (19 of 21)

                And enjoyed the day .Then had a lovely Easter supper at the in laws  visited for a bit there  then came home  , they just live next door lol  and sat outside on the porch  after supper as the sun set and the night clouds rolled in listening to the Robins and the peepers.

  Over night we had thunderstorms and lots of rain and today is cooler with winds and cloudy sky's the odd pop of sunshine and rain on and off .

                                                                                   It was a great weekend !

                                                                                       Until next time .

                                                                               Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

It was nice here too (as you already know), but it's rainy today, and the headline from TWN advises us not to put away out coats yet.

Denise inVA said...

A wonderful weekend you had there. I enjoyed looking at your photos and the ones of Papa in his workshop. He is very talented with the woodwork. Love what he creates and those birdhouses too. Have a great week :)

Deb said...

Looks like spring has sprung there. I love papa's new birdie houses. I'm expecting to see them rented out soon. I see you had quite the birthday party. The makings of good memories.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, wow!!! Looked so warm there, great sunny pictures. Here still cool, waiting for warmer days.Blessings Francine.

The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Wasn't Sunday gorgeous and warm! If only there were a few more days like that in the forecast!

Margaret Adamson said...

well that was a lovely day for you all. I love how organised your husband is with al his tools. Glad Miggs is supervising everything

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I've had problems with our internet so haven't been online much since last week. Your birthday party looks wonderful and how lovely to get together with family you don't see that often.
Sunday was our family day at our daughter's house, spent time outside with the grandkids, lots of good food. Monday was wet and windy, didn't do that much. Today looks much better, looking forward to getting out and checking the plants. I saw a trillium just poking through a bit yesterday. :)

Alica said...

Seeing Papa in the wood shop reminds me of my dad, and my grandpa before him, always coming up with something creative. It's so nice to have skills and hobbies like that!

Pamela Gordon said...

Your husband has a nice workshop! I can see lots of building projects coming from there. I love the signpost and the sign to Papa's workshop - 22 steps. Cute. So nice to see spring in your area already. You are blessed!

William Kendall said...

Even a good supervisor needs a nap!