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Monday, March 21, 2016

Miggs & Papa


Over the weekend  Papa and Miggs had   fun play time and this time I got photos . It was chilly with cloud and sunny breaks all weekend  .

MARCH 2016 (5 of 44)

MARCH 2016 (10 of 44)

MARCH 2016 (12 of 44)

                   These two playing are good practice for my photography and I get lots of photos of my two best  buddies !

MARCH 2016 (14 of 44)

MARCH 2016 (16 of 44)

                       Miggs likes to shake shake the ball as she has got it and whilst someone has it on the other end lol !

MARCH 2016 (19 of 44)

                                                                                             And away she goes !

MARCH 2016 (20 of 44)MARCH 2016 (21 of 44) Miggs loves to run and that she can very fast and hard to ! It is amazing to see her move like she does as you wouldn't know a few years ago she had  reconstruction knee surgery on her right back knee .

MARCH 2016 (22 of 44)

But she doesn't like to give the ball back  we have to play chase to get the ball not much of the retrieve and drop it at your feet it is a game for her to us to lol !

MARCH 2016 (23 of 44)

              Or you can just hug and kiss her and that usually works to , she is such a big booboo and loves a cuddle .

MARCH 2016 (28 of 44)

MARCH 2016 (29 of 44)

And that was that  Miggs was tired but she and Papa had fun as I did watching them and photographing them !

Well it is truly officially SPRING ! I am happy with that  but today was a weird weather day  it started out sunny with cloudy periods all though very cold and windy then we had snow falling now mind you it was light snow and it didn't stay but the snow squalls on and off were not welcomed by me at all I had a chat with old man winter and said , look dude it is Mrs SPRING’S turn now and it’s now your time to leave so off ya go ok thank you  !  Then the sun came out and stayed out for the rest of the day  hum maybe that little chat worked . I hope so .  Rain on and off for the rest of this week for us I hope Miggs and I can get our morning walks in .

                                                                 This mornings sunrise was amazing over the valley .

MARCH 2016 (32 of 44)

MARCH 2016 (32 of 44)

MARCH 2016 (36 of 44)

                                                     Each scene is slightly different as the clouds broke and moved away .

MARCH 2016 (38 of 44)

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                       Country Gal


Deb said... the kiss shot. :)

Linda said...

Great shots Elaine....
Have a great week...
Happy Easter!
Cheer So!
Linda :o)

Crystal said...

Lovely photos of the sunrise, I like the one with the bird in it. Miggs what a ham, she sure photos well :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Well good luck with getting Old 'an Winter to leave!

Margaret Adamson said...

Miggs just loved playing ball. These last shots are stunning.

September Violets said...

Great shots of Miggs and your husband. My dog loves chasing balls and sticks too, and often finds tennis balls when we go walking (I have a bucket of balls he collected in the garage). I've eased up on those games with him though because he doesn't have the sense to take a break and catch his breath (he's 11). Those are gorgeous sunrise shots! I see it's -8C this morning, so any precipitation will be snow ... AGAIN! My poor plants :(

Henny Penny said...

I sure enjoyed see Miggs again. He always makes me smile! Those sunrise pictures are amazingly beautiful!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

They look like a pair with a special bond :) heartwarming

William Kendall said...

She obviously likes the exercise! Beautiful sunrise shots!

Vee said...

Fun to see Miggs out playing with your husband. Good for all. Our weather has been similar to yours...very chilly weekend. And even our yard looks like yours...ready to green up at the first hint of warmth, which we are starting to get back to. (You thought that I have a lot of snow based on the photo of my home, but that was taken in January as stated. You're a picture gal!) Beautiful sunsets! Very like March.

Pamela Gordon said...

A fun series of photos. The sunrise photos are gorgeous. We have sunshine today but it is very cold and windy. Feels like February!

Primitive Stars said...

Warm wonderful post!!!! How I love to see a happy beloved pet with their owners, thanks for the smiles.Blessings Freancine.

Michelle said...

Nice to see Miggs having a good time!

Amy at love made my home said...

They make a great team don't they! Beautiful sunrises!!! xx

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You ca just see the love between them.
Weather is changing today, some rain, some snow, and now ice rain warning for overnight and tomorrow. We'll head out today as it looks like an inside day tomorrow. Go away Mr. Winter and let the spring move in.

Denise inVA said...

Such cute pics of Papa and Miggs. Lot of love there. Reminds me of a quote that goes something like "You can tell the true character of a man by the way he treats his animals" and dog in this case. Sweet to see and your sunrises are breathtaking.