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Friday, November 6, 2015

More Of This & That


And  I couldn’t figure out a title for this post lol .One of the problems I face some times  is figuring out tittles for posts  don't you ?

Any who Miggs has been quite the hoot this week as we have been out side enjoying the wonderful sunny warm days yesterday  the temps got up to 21C felt like 25C or 72F felt like  77F .

                                                  Miggs seems to think all beds are for her  … !

NOVEMBER 2015 (7 of 45)

Well it is a bed just not the kind you sleep in or on but she seems to think it is . This is our  butterfly , bee & hummer garden put to bed for the season  yup I said bed didn’t I Miggs  Well out you get missy cause this is not that kind of bed  lol.

I spent the best part of this week cleaning up leaves and took some time to just relax and enjoy my surrounding's of birds, critters and of course Miggs . Because the weather has been so warm some plants seem to think spring has sprung and have bloomed or are growing new leaves again .  Like this little Pansy  peeking up from the log .

NOVEMBER 2015 (10 of 45)

                                        Even some of the wild Asters and some Goldenrod  are still in bloom in the field !

NOVEMBER 2015 (18 of 45)

NOVEMBER 2015 (26 of 45)

NOVEMBER 2015 (25 of 45)

There is a lot of brown out there to and I just love the look of the Golden rod when it is done and all there is left are these fuzzy fluffy tops !

NOVEMBER 2015 (14 of 45)

                       Whether they are in full bloom or at the end of their season they are still pretty to me !

NOVEMBER 2015 (19 of 45)

Amongst all the grasses was this tiny plant with some type of berries on it, the red just pops out from it all !

NOVEMBER 2015 (20 of 45)

Even all brown and crispy looking the wild  grasses and plants still hold and interesting affect and look !

NOVEMBER 2015 (23 of 45)

           On a downed tree in the field there is a giant fungi growing on the side of it amongst all the grasses !

NOVEMBER 2015 (1 of 45)

                               Far in the distance over the valley I spotted this golden Eagle soring over the land .

NOVEMBER 2015 (3 of 45)

I think he was to close to a Hawk nest  over the valley forest as the Hawk was chasing him off and dive bombing him every now and then !

I came back to the back yard from the field and who did I see .. why Chippy of course stuffing his face lol

NOVEMBER 2015 (34 of 45)

He then popped into his home under our back garden and then came out again to check if I was still there .

NOVEMBER 2015 (38 of 45)

I see you Chippy, I said to him and then off he went back into his home . I then left the area so he could get back to stuffing his face lol !

NOVEMBER 2015 (39 of 45)

                     I then saw this little fellow a White Throated Sparrow  pecking about  under the feeders  we have quite a few of these cute little birdies here  now .

We are in a valley that is part of the migration path for lots of flying nature and yesterday I saw a few Robins come in to our crab apple tree as they love to feast on the berries then I saw more , then more , then more I lost count after 25  I was in heaven seeing this as the Robin is my favourite bird , I tried to get photos of them all but the washed out clouds blew in and the sun was gone so the photos aren't that good and it was hard to see the Robins amongst all the berries on the trees ! But here they are anyways just to give ya an idea of what I saw yesterday and was in awe over with seeing so many of my fave birds all in the same spot  lol !

NOVEMBER 2015 (42 of 45)

They were all scattering about the tree and one I think was the alpha Robin was the only one chirping as if to get them all in one place ! I was tickled to see this many all at once ! They are still hanging about here and there today but will soon be moving on to their migration destination .

                I then went back to the field as I love it out there and continued to take photos just because lol !

NOVEMBER 2015 (27 of 45)

NOVEMBER 2015 (29 of 45)

                                     On my way back I found this nest laying on the ground !

It was raining earlier this morning and windy  Miggs and I got caught in it whilst on our walk but oh well it is only water lol  came in dried off  and I now see the sun shining and the sky clearing . Temps are still warm for now but a cold front is on it’s way ! I think our true weather for November is on it’s  path  here  soon !

                                                                 Until next time .

                                                        Country Gal


Deb said...

Goodness, so many gorgeous shots here. I love the pansy one. That is gorgeous. Lucky you to find a nest. I've been spotting hawks around here, too. I worry about our birds but how silly is that. As if I can do anything about it. :[ Give Miggs a hug for me. Deb

William Kendall said...

As far as Miggs is concerned that's a nice comfy bed!

Primitive Stars said...

Your photography always makes me smile, love them so. That little chipmunk is so cute as is Miggs.Blessings Francine..

Amy at love made my home said...

Miggs is so funny isn't she! She must be wonderful company for you. xx

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Such lovely images. The weather has been amazing. The fact that you see a chipmunk out and about is a sure sign of the gorgeous days we've been having!

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Awesome series of images. Have a happy weekend!

Chel at Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I love Miggs having a lovely rest in the bed. Your garden still looks to be alive not like the soggy mess I have at the moment. Oh, there's some sun... no, gone! Have a great weekend xx

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos even though the landscape is dead and dried up. There are many shades of brown and beige that are pretty. So neat to see all the robins in your tree! Mr. Chipmunk is so cute with his filled cheeks. Enjoy the weekend.

Marie Pretty Smith said...

Always love the dog but the other images are wonderful!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Our Chippy was out and about today gathering up everything in sight. The weather has been gorgeous, just a sprinkle of rain this afternoon. Our robins have left, haven't seen them for awhile now. But still lots of other birds at the feeders. Enjoy the weekend.

Gail said...

Your photography is always so amazing. I believe I have given up on that.

Have a blessed day.