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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last Leaf Clean Up Of The Season


Well  .. we are all done the leaf clean up finally for the season as our trees are now bare in our yard and no other leaves can really blow in from anywhere else cause our yard is  surrounded by  a hedge of Cedars , like a fencing of Cedar trees .

NOVEMBER 2015 (5 of 39)-2

Papa and I were outside with Miggs of course cleaning up the last bit of leaves and burning them this time as there wasn't as much as all the other times and it was a beautiful day out , sunny with a bit of a chill in the air but  with the sight , smell and sound of a campfire this time of year is just wonderful .

NOVEMBER 2015 (12 of 39)-2

 NOVEMBER 2015 (13 of 39)-2

                                                              Of course you know who was helping us .

NOVEMBER 2015 (15 of 39)-2

                            And she  had to jump in the pile of leaves for just one last time for the season !

NOVEMBER 2015 (10 of 39)-2

NOVEMBER 2015 (16 of 39)-2

NOVEMBER 2015 (18 of 39)-2

                                    Never a dull moment with Miggs that's for sure she really makes things fun !

NOVEMBER 2015 (24 of 39)-2

                                        I was playing with her and getting her to dive in and snuffle about !

NOVEMBER 2015 (29 of 39)-2

The sun is shining but the temps have cooled off so the fire was a nice way to stay cozy by to whilst we were out side !

                                               And a spider web on the back patio porch shining in the setting sun !

NOVEMBER 2015 (2 of 39)-2

NOVEMBER 2015 (32 of 39)-2

               Yesterday evening as the temps cooled right off and the darkness took over   Miggs and Harley decided to cosy up butt to butt on Miggs bed  !

Then this morning when we woke there was a touch of frost but I didn't get out there in time to take photos as the sun was up and it warmed up the land faster then I thought it would . So I took a few photos of this and that this morning  .

NOVEMBER 2015 (34 of 39)-2

This little guy was feasting at the feeders having his breakfast and popped up into the tree to have a look about !

NOVEMBER 2015 (37 of 39)-2

The odd Robin is still hanging about as they feast on what bugs they can still find and the berries on our crab apple tree !

NOVEMBER 2015 (39 of 39)-2

                                               Miggs this morning enjoying the sun after our walk !

Puttered about today out side for a bit and then came in late this afternoon  and puttered in side . Roast of pork with potatoes and veggies for supper  and always a cuppa tea or two after and  settle in for our Sunday evening  .

                                                                             Until next time .

                                                                   Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Miggs and Harley seem to be getting along nicely!

Henny Penny said...

I love the pictures! That Miggs! I've never seen a cuter face. It's like he has a ball playing in the leaves but his expression never changes. Couldn't you just hug him! I'm sure you do! My leaf raking has not even begun!

Pamela Gordon said...

It's nice to have the grass cleared of leaves for the winter. We took at the ones in the ditch yesterday and got it cleaned out but the wind blew the ones from the lawn into the ditch so we have to do it again!! Guess we should have done the lawn first! LOL Sweet pic of Miggs with just the head sticking out of the leaves. We had a cold wind blowing all weekend but today the sun was shining and we went for a walk at the park. Have a great week!

Deb said...

Oh that Miggs. She is fun to watch. I like the photo of you and her in the leaves. :) Beautiful web photo and always nice to see Miggs and Harley together. Deb

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Miggs is so funny, she loves playing :)
The leaves are still falling here in Tennessee, so no final racking taking place yet, it usually drags out until the first week of December !
Yes, raking leaves whilst hanging fairy :)
Have a wonderful week, love all of your pictures.

The Furry Gnome said...

Not doing any more leaf clean-up here! They can lie where they fall.

Dagmar said...

How lovely your garden looks, now that the leaves are there for Miggs to enjoy. Glad it was lovely enough for you to get put and enjoy the day.

Margaret Adamson said...

Miggs always is a marvellous attrraction on your posts. Glad all the lave are collecte, wish mine were.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like everyone had fun playing in the leaves, especially Miggs. We also did some yard work last weekend in VA, but there's still a lot of leaves still on the trees there.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I wished were done. We have a pecan tree in the back yard or I should say our neighbor has one and it hangs on our side. When it sheds its leaves it is all at once and we are still waiting for that to happen. Its alittle late this year.

Amy at love made my home said...

Oh Miggs! She really does love the leaves doesn't she!! Our leaves keep on coming from our own trees - which will not lose the last of theirs until late December or January probably, they don't usually! - and from our neighbours. It must be good to know that you are done with yours! xx