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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Frosty Morning


  I looked outside my window first thing and saw we had a fairly hard frost so off I went to take photos . Got my coat , boots  fingerless gloves so I can work my camera better and yes still in my jammies  I know but they are fleece and soo warm lol ! So out I go .

NOVEMBER 2015 (6 of 23)-2

                     It was still dusk and the sun hadn’t come up yet so the light was that blueish dark colour .

Then as I was taking more photos and  searching  I then looked up and this is what I saw of the sun rise !

NOVEMBER 2015 (2 of 23)-2

It is amazing how the cold air changes the lighting of the sun as it rises  and how the colours take in the sky ! It was soo pretty !

                                         I then got back to looking for more frosty things to photography !

NOVEMBER 2015 (9 of 23)-2

NOVEMBER 2015 (11 of 23)-2

I just love the crystals that form on everything especially during a hard frost  and they form even more so !

NOVEMBER 2015 (17 of 23)-2

                                    Looks like snow flakes but it is frost crystals , fascinating I find it to be  !

NOVEMBER 2015 (18 of 23)-2

                                                   Miggs my photo buddy was with me of course !

NOVEMBER 2015 (19 of 23)-2

Waiting to go for our walk  so I then went in to get dressed  finish my cuppa tea I made   then  Miggs and I went for a walk ! It was nice peaceful out there . The sun went in and it got cloudy but that was ok we went for our walk anyways . When we got back I thought well it is cold now and the snows have already started here and there so I might as well bite the bullet and put up my winter garden flag !

NOVEMBER 2015 (2 of 2)-3

                    I have it attached to our Birch tree . Well   I went in  at that point  and it started to snow .

NOVEMBER 2015 (20 of 23)-2

          I guess me putting up my winter flag was a sign to mother nature . Miggs was out on yard patrol as it was snowing keeping the birdies safe as they feast at the feeders from any feral cats lurking about looking for breakfast !

NOVEMBER 2015 (23 of 23)-2

It is an off again on again  kind of day weather wise , cloud , snowy with sun patches .  Guess winter really has arrived now . 

                                                                             Until next time !

                                                                             Country Gal


eileeninmd said...

Oh wow, winter is here early. Miggs is a good patrol dog. Great shots. Have a happy new week!

Lori Leigh said...

Beautiful pictures! The frost left beautiful pictures for you to capture ;-)

William Kendall said...

The snow is a very welcome sight!

Anvilcloud said...

Aw yes, winter and photographers fingers. I have a pair of thin gloves, but I might as well be wearing no gloves. Life is so hard. Lol

Gail said...

I love frosty pictures. Yours are amazing.

Margaret Adamson said...

Love the frost on the leaves and that sunrise is sstunning. Miggs does not seem to mind the cold.

DeniseinVA said...

Fabulous Elaine :)

TexWisGirl said...

miggs is adorable in the snow. your frost photos are just lovely. we had our first freeze and heavy frost in texas this week also.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You had the frost and we had snow overnight. I did get some photos but been out for groceries so haven't got them uploaded to the computer yet. That might be my next jog while I'm waiting for the paint to dry on a wooden tree I'm making. So many things to do, and not enough time.. Thank goodness I don't have to include work or I might never get there.