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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Mix Of This & That


As you may have read from my last post Miggs and I have been out side enjoying this wonderful start to the November weather with sunshine and temps hitting 20C or 70F WOW ! that’s warm for this time of year .  I  cleaned up some more leaves Monday and yesterday  , they are becoming less and less now on the lawn as the trees are becoming bare .

NOVEMBER 2015 (1 of 39)

                          This is how I found these leaves , looks like they were ready for my camera and I .

                                  I had put a big pile bit by bit in the camp fire to burn , these leaves were nice and dry .

NOVEMBER 2015 (12 of 15)

          Two days of cleaning up leaves  FEW !! and today I took a day to rest and just enjoy the sun , Miggs and all the birds  that visit our yard this time of year . By the looks of it so did Miggs here below lol !

NOVEMBER 2015 (7 of 39)

NOVEMBER 2015 (16 of 39)

                                                              I love it when the birds let me get close !

NOVEMBER 2015 (33 of 39)

One of our little White Breasted Nuthatch , these guys are the only birds that can walk head first down the trees and walk completely upside down as this little guy is in the photo !

NOVEMBER 2015 (36 of 39)

                                                       Hello little Chickadee , we have lots of these little guys to .

NOVEMBER 2015 (39 of 39)

We still seem to have the odd Robin hanging about  , They are my favourite bird .  They really like the crab apple berries in our tree here !

Even though the temps have been warm during the day ,the mornings have started off damp and cool with the odd sight of fog  over the land .

NOVEMBER 2015 (1 of 15)

                                                                       The sun rises have been lovely to !

NOVEMBER 2015 (7 of 15)

                                                 I saw the moon today at about noon way up west ward !

NOVEMBER 2015 (6 of 39)

                                          WOW ! the sun and moon out together now that’s cool !

                                      I love days of this and that in them , so much to enjoy and take in .

                                                                         NOVEMBER 2015 (9 of 39)

                                                      Miggs .. well … she was on yard duty after her nap lol !

                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                            Country Gal


eileeninmd said...

Great photos, I love the birds and Miggs. Enjoy your day!

William Kendall said...

Miggs obviously enjoys her naps!

Buttons Thoughts said...

You know it really looks like you have been working Miggs too hard:) Enjoy the warmth. Hug B

Linda said...

you certainly sum up the beauty of Nature perfectly!!
I had a Robin yesterday too!!
enjoy your evening..clouding up here...rain is coming :o(
Linda :o)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I'm chuckling at Miggs, Topaz is the same in that all the fresh air is tiring for them. :-) It has surprised me to see robins still but with the weather the last few days it's been like summer again.

Dagmar said...

Lovely, lovely photos, you have captured the moments just beautifully!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Another perfect fall day to enjoy! I think sometimes we get so busy that we forget to do that. I love Migg's expression in your second photo -- What a fun girl she is, and what a good job she does on yard duty -- AFTER her nap! :-)

Liz said...

I always love the smell of burning leaves...smells like fall! These temps sure can't be beat!