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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Their Back !


A sign of fall fading away and winter  sliding in :

                                                                     The Junco’s are back !

OCTOBER 2014 (3 of 12)

This little guy was checking out the seed in the flat feeder , it was dusk ,just before the sun rise and I saw this little guy as I had to do a double take as I wasn’t to sure  but as I got closer it was confirmed it is a Junco  for what ever reason I said to myself YEAH !!  another one of our winter birds are back  , well despite the weather they are here for I like them anyways lol they are the last ones to arrive .

OCTOBER 2014 (7 of 12)

They are pretty skittish till they get used to the area again but soon warm up to me with my camera , Miggs running a muck of the yard  and all the food that is out for them .

OCTOBER 2014 (11 of 12)

            As the sun was rising I heard behind me a flock of Canadian geese honking as they flew over head .

OCTOBER 2014 (12 of 12)

It was so quiet by the time they were over my head I could hear the air whooshing through their wings as they flew  . Miggs and I went for our morning  walk  , it was a little frosty but lovely with the sun shining and the crispness of the air was wonderfully refreshing  . I really need to take my camera with me though  as there were 6 White breasted nuthatch in a tree all playing and making that distinct sound of theirs !   I need to rig up away to walk Miggs and take photos , one handed photography doesn’t always work lol . The birds are all so very active now as they look for places to eat and snooze and make home for the cooler weather .  I cant believe we are at the end of October already and this weekend we here in Ontario change our clocks back one hour  so a bit lighter earlier in the mornings but darker earlier in the evenings  YUK !!  oh well it is what it is lol !

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Linda Kay said...

Loved to hear the Canadian Geese when we lived in Illinois. Good pictures of them, despite one-handed photography.

William Kendall said...

The juncos are such cute birds.

The geese I hear overhead here now are the ones still coming from further north and stopping for a break. The ones who are here in the summer have been gone now for some weeks.

Jane and Chris said...

The juncos are here, eating up a storm!
It seems that autumn is progressing very quickly..clocks back and snow on Saturday.
I apologise for saying the bad 's' word.
Jane x

Margaret Adamson said...

Love those flight shots of the geese.

Muffy's Marks said...

Our Junko's are playing hide and seek with me. Some days I see them under the feeders, and now for the last few days they have disappeared. With snow in the forecast I'm sure they will appear again!! Happy Halloween.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Lovely photos, especially the geese!! Fall has gotten into full swing for us too, but none of the winter birds yet--Soon, I've no doubt. I did finally turn the heat on for the first time tonight, it's supposed to get near freezing--burr!!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sweet little birds those Juncos, glad to see they have returned to your feeders.
I love hearing the honking geese overhead !
Turning our clocks back too this Saturday, it's still dark at 6:30 every morning when some of the kids are boarding the school buses.
Lovely header, so Autumn !

Bethany Carson said...

I'm definitely not thrilled about switching the clocks back either. Very nice shots of the geese and juncos!

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos! There are a lot of Juncos around here this week too. They move fast! Enjoy the weekend.