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Monday, October 20, 2014

Miggs In Leaves !!


  It was a quiet weekend here for us , we just puttered Saturday inside as it was cold and rainy . Yesterday Sunday was a nice day with warmer temps and sunny with cloudy periods so we decided to get out and do some more yard clean up . My gardens are all done for good now nothing left all bare BOOHOO !!!

Papa got the leaf blower/mulcher out and started getting the thousands of leaves we had all over the lawn picked up . Well as he was doing that I was puttering here and there , then I had to run in and get my camera cause Miggs decided  to lay in the leaves and that means she wants to  have some fun .

OCTOBER 2014 (1 of 50)

This is Miggs looking to see if either of us notice her laying in the leaves . In other words she is being cheeky and wants Papa to play and I take photos  she is a smart girl  cause it works every year  lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (7 of 50)

                                                                   So I got my camera  and the fun begins !

OCTOBER 2014 (9 of 50)

                                       Miggs does this every fall when we do the leaves she just loves it !

OCTOBER 2014 (14 of 50)

The entire time Miggs is in the leaves Papa is still blowing them with the leaf blower and Miggs loves that even more !

OCTOBER 2014 (16 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (18 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (24 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (31 of 50)

            Papa put the leaf blower under the pile and Miggs went crazy , she was diving under the pile lol .

OCTOBER 2014 (36 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (37 of 50)

                                 Miggs , the leaf playing,  camera loving  pooch ! who knows how to strike a pose lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (39 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (46 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (50 of 50)

This lasted quite some time playing in the leaves and I was able to  take lots and lots of fun photos of Miggs playing in the leaves  and  Papa and I had a laugh at our Miggs having fun , that made our day  . Miggs is full of character, loves the camera and it shows lol !

                                                          Rainy mild and windy here today !

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                      Country Gal


DeniseinVA said...

This is a great start to my week, I loved seeing Miggy enjoying herself. Great photos and real smile bringers. Thank you Elaine! Wishing you a wonderful week :)

Linda Kay said...

Miggs again! Just love that dog, and looks like she was having so much fun.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

What a great time she had...and you are so lucky to have her to enjoy and take those endearing pictures. I have a cat who entertains my company by chasing her tail. Critters know what pleases us!

Amy at love made my home said...

Oh that is just toooooo cute!!!! She is definitely a major ham with the camera isn't she, but so cute that who can argue! xx

Jane and Chris said...

Oh, she's adorable! I swear she is giggling!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Leaves are so much fun and Miggs was really enjoying himself. It was a cold and rainy day here today with more of the same tomorrow.

zAzA said...

Just started following your blog. Lovely pics!! Look forward to seeing and hearing more :)

William Kendall said...

She is such a cutie pie!

M.E. Masterson said...

She looks to be saying "I am blending" Can you see me blending?"
Happy Miggs!!

Margaret Adamson said...

Well I did laugh at Miggs in all those leaves. He certainly liked that game.

Gail said...

Happy, happy dog!!!!

Love these photos.

Linda said...

You sure do have fun down there,Elaine!
Good for you guys....oh...
And Miggs of course!
Enjoy your evening...
Linda :o)

colleen said...

Miggs your fall photo session is priceless..You are such a handsome boy!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

My favorite image here, Elaine, is the one of Miggs up to her neck in leaves with one on her face. We haven't started leaf cleanup in our yard as the trees still have green leaves, but Miggs is welcome here when we do!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Oh my goodness....I just love that Miggs!!!!