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Wednesday, October 15, 2014




The gardens people , the gardens …lol  !  tsk , tsk  cheeky  things you are hehe !!!! I bet you were wondering at what I was going to write or show with that title lol   Are you smiling yet ?  Good !!

Our gardens are done and naked now , no more blooms left , they were either cut back because they are perennial's  or pulled out as they were just annual's   , but I have blooms inside Smile .

OCTOBER 2014 (2 of 9)-2

A few weeks a go I brought in some Geraniums and a New Guinea Impatient . I am experimenting with the Impatient to see if I can keep it going over the winter months as I have never had one in over the winter before , as for the Geraniums I bring them in every year . I like having the blooms indoors when all blooms out doors are done and some of the Geranium colours are hard to find like the two toned pink  and purples and Salmon colours   .

OCTOBER 2014 (1 of 9)-2

                                 OCTOBER 2014 (7 of 9)-2

                           And of course I have my African Violets that bloom in stages of one another !

OCTOBER 2014 (8 of 9)-2

                                          Just two of my Violets that are in bloom the other 3 are in a rest period !

OCTOBER 2014 (9 of 9)-2

                               I also have  2 Christmas Cactus that are budding now and will be opening soon !

The weather has been dull  windy yet warm  , all our trees are in full colour now and some are even naked already there’s that naked word again lol . I have been waiting for the sun to shine and blue sky’s to get my scenic fall photos of our valley and country roads  .  Hope to get those photos taken by the weekend  hopefully the trees wont be naked by then lol !

           I would like to welcome a few new followers to our neck of the Woods Country Cove and thank you all for visiting . I know it seems I may not visit all of your blogs cause I don't always leave a comment but I do and I follow so many wonderful blogs it can take me hours to do so as we are all in different time zones  and we all know how hectic life can get .        

                                                                        Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal


Linda Kay said...

My mom used to have a Christmas cactus that was just loaded with blooms around the first part of November and stayed until near Christmas. I loved it, but haven't been able to keep one going. My grandmother had african violets in her window all the time.

Pamela Gordon said...

Some of our trees are already naked here. And some are still fully dressed. The colour has been fantastic this fall. I'm saving two of my geraniums called Rocky Mountain Royal Red. They were new to me this year and I love the deep red of them. Rain in the forecast of the next 2 days but I won't complain as it's been mostly sunny and today it was 24!!

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh I forgot my geraniums outside when I left. Oh well, more plants that are not going to make it. I love this time of the year and tidying up the garden. Your little violet is about to bloom it looks. At least I potted my poor overgrown cactus before I left, I hope the kids water it. Take care,

William Kendall said...

Very pretty colours!

Gail said...

That title ought to draw a crowd!

You have the green thumb like my mom did. Her violets were beautiful and she loved geraniums and inpatients too.
Absolutely beautiful. I admire your talent.

Michelle said...

So nice to see some bright flowers!

Bethany Carson said...

Your houseplants look beautiful and strong! My grandma (like Linda's) always has African violets in her kitchen window too!

I keep a usually pretty nice flower garden outside, but for some reason whenever I bring plants inside it's pretty much a death sentence for the poor things. I can't keep them alive.

fernvalley01 said...

Nice to have the indoor plants for a burst of color, I am pretty good at killing them so I will just look at pictures

Margaret Adamson said...

Beautiful plants inside your home.

Jane and Chris said...

Flipping heck Elaine! I was a bit worried about clicking on your blog today!
Jane x

Alica said...

Those violets remind me of my Grandma! She grew the most beautiful violets that bloomed their heads off in her windows. Yours are pretty!

Anonymous said...

I bought in my geraniums too, hoping they survive in the ezra bedroom.