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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sunday’s Drive To Hawk Cliff


Hawk cliff a wonderful place off the north shores of Lake Erie for nature , fresh lake air and  beautiful scenery . Lots of birders and nature photographers go here  each  spring summer and fall  for the migration of all kinds of birds and butterfly’s   .   The Hawk Cliff  Hawk watch is manned by a number of volunteers dedicated to the conservation of migratory raptors, passerines and Monarch butterflies of North America through scientific study, public education and appreciation of their fall migrations. Over the years the Hawk Cliff site has grown in popularity and today it is recognized as one of the prime fall migration hawk watching destinations in North America.


                   This area  is only half an hours drive from us ! We are only a 6 minuet drive from lake Erie and one of our other favourite small  port towns to go to Port Burwell !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (31 of 51)

                                                                 On the cliff looking out over lake Erie !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (12 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (8 of 51)

                                       Top of the cliffs . Lots of people have been here enjoying the beauty and the views !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 51)

There are always strange things below the cliff's in the water each year we go ! This is a sand dune .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 51)

                         The cliffs are beautiful but unfortunately lots of erosion has been happening over the years  and the cliff wear away into the waters .

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                               Cliffs and lake on one side farmers fields on the other . It is a lovely place to hike !

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                                                            The air was hazy over parts of the lake that day !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (33 of 51)

                                                                       Papa and Miggs enjoying the view !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (28 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (21 of 51)

                          Caught a glimpse of a Falcon soaring over the fields in the distance ! The prey birds were pretty hidden that morning and quiet !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (37 of 51)

                                                 Lots of Cliff Swallow homes left for the season  and all quiet now .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (38 of 51)

Lots of wild asters at Hawk cliff and Cabbage moths of all kinds were gathering their nectar and bees to ! This year we didn’t see any Monarchs there but they may have already been through the area as I have seen lots pass through our yard the past month !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (40 of 51)

                           This is the beautiful country road that leads to Hawk cliff . I took photos on our way out !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (42 of 51)

                         And there are corn fields along the road side leading in and out  . I love corn fields !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (45 of 51)

We then took a little road trip through Port Bruce one of the many  lovely little towns off the shores of lake Erie !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (48 of 51)

                    Still lots of boaters going in and out of the harbour  and fishing off the docks on a lovely Sunday morning !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (50 of 51)

This is were we spotted this guy sitting way up in those trees to the left watching over the harbour  maybe he was thinking of  swooping down for his breakfast  when the fishermen get a bite and steal it right off their hook .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (51 of 51)

It was a lovely morning trip to Hawk cliff and to Port Bruce . On the way home we stopped every now and then to take photos . I will share more of  them later  we are on over load with photos from this day lol . Papa has some wonderful photos he would like to share as well just waiting for him to load them on his computer and send them over to mine lol !

                                                                            So until next time my friends !

                                                                                  County  Gal

                           P.S  I cant believe it is October already ! Happy October all !


Buttons said...

Oh I can see you are feeling better I am so happy about this. Your photos are magnificent what a wonderful place. Hug B

Pamela Gordon said...

What beautiful photos! It is really pretty there Elaine. A lovely drive and lots of beauty to see. Happy October to you. Blessings, Pam

Linda Kay said...

Really a lovely spot. Did you catch any fish? The raptor in the treetop is great. I love to watch those birds fly, so fast!

Cindy said...

We are all saying the same thing about October sneaking up on us so fast. I would watch the hawk isn't circling because of Miggs. Wonderful pictures of Hawk Cliff Cove. WE ARE headed around Lake Erie on our road trip, I notice as I read out loud, grandpa is putting this location into a search, lol. Thanks for sharing.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

You live just 6 minutes from a Great Lake! I'm in awe. And here I thought you were off in the middle of nowhere!

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous views over the lake. I really must pay a visit to Erie sometime.