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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh Miggs !


Our funny scruffy shaggy country dog Miggs makes us laugh and smile all the time with her character and funny antics and all the different expressions she has and how she talks so much with those teddy bear doe eyes lol ! she even talks to us with different sounds she makes !

                                                     Miggs loves to play and show off for the camera !OCTOBER 2014 (21 of 57)

                                                                Ok mum I am ready to play  I have my ball !

OCTOBER 2014 (26 of 57)

                                                                                 Pleeeaaassseee !!!!!

                   All this after we went for a walk for an hour and a half up and down the hills of our valley roads !

OCTOBER 2014 (44 of 57)

OCTOBER 2014 (45 of 57)

                                       Miggs likes to have her rope ball  in her mouth whilst chasing another ball !

OCTOBER 2014 (46 of 57)

OCTOBER 2014 (48 of 57)

This game went on for some time  , then when Miggs suddenly lays down , that is it she is done all tuckered out !

OCTOBER 2014 (43 of 57)

OCTOBER 2014 (40 of 57)

Then she starts with the rolly polly  and grunting and groaning , more like getting my attention cause I was looking else where with my camera ! It works every time though lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (52 of 57)

                                           Miggs you have no dignity do you ?  that’s my good girl !!!!!

OCTOBER 2014 (37 of 57)

                                                              Miggs loves getting her portrait taken !

OCTOBER 2014 (51 of 57)

OCTOBER 2014 (54 of 57)

          Napping is another thing Miggs loves, especially with the cool winds blowing and warn sun shining on her ! When it is rainy cold and gloomy Miggs will gladly cuddle up to you or be at your feet .

                                       Misty  AKA  Miggs , Miggus , Miggy ,  Miggymoo , Mistymoo , Monkeybutt , and Booboo  .

              She is our best friend and sunshine every day , who fills our hearts with so much unconditional  love and joy  !


                                                                                 Country Gal


Margaret Adamson said...

I just love Miggs and she is so photogenic. Mind you I have a feeling she knows it!

Anonymous said...

MIggs is adorable and I love seeing photos of her.

Linda Kay said...

I just love those eyes. Miggs is definitely a keeper. I see she has her tags on!

William Kendall said...

She's so adorable, and such a character!

Bethany Carson said...

Awesomely fun shots of Miggs--put a smile on my face! Reminds me of how our dog Ginger likes to play.

Liz said...

Oh those eyes! They sure do express her sweet personality!

Primitive Stars said...

On I can see why this furry face makes you happy.just looking at your pictures of Miggs brings joy to me.Blessings Francine.

Jane and Chris said...

You can see from your photos that Miss Miggs ha a wonderful personality!
Kisses for Miggs XXXX
and so Harley doesn't feel left out...XXXX
Jane x

Buttons said...

Oh Miggs is quite the "Ham" :) Happy Thanksgiving weekend . Hug B

Amy at love made my home said...

She really is so cute isn't she and so much fun too!! That second to last picture is wonderful! xx