Woods Country Cove

Friday, October 29, 2010


The high winds are all gone now, everything is quiet once again. The air is chilly and fresh but its still cloudy, they say chance of rain but these clouds look more like snow in them .Ok ok , I'll meet the weather man half way  wet snow lol ! sounds stupid doesn't it snow is wet isn't it ?  Ya they mean a snow rain mix , DAH ! Country people know by the smell and the feel in the air whether it will snow or rain . My dad taught me as a young child how to use the skill of the farmers almanac to predict the weather and to this day I still got it lol.  Papa often uses my skill for his Astronomy or just because   !  I do enjoy a chilly day so I can put the fireplace on and have a cup of tea , hot chocolate or a bowl of soup or stew  to help warm me up, especially when we get the first mild snow fall, everything is quiet and still as the snow falls gently to the ground making the land look  so pretty and fresh.  I know we all don't want to even think about snow right now but it is at the time were it can fall any time now, so we just have to make the best of it and adapted just like we do all other seasons , and besides snow and winter  is  great for photography for those of us who are snap happy !    


                                          Have a great weekend to all !


Patsy said...

Sounds all warm and cozy.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I strapped my hands to the sofa last night and restrained openin' up the fireplace to set it aglow. I know once I uncover the flue that I'll have to keep the fire burnin' 'till next spring...25 this morn' but tomorrow 70 baby and who needs a fire at 70???

Shoot, I just closed the pool yesterday. Did I ever tell ya that I'm an eternal optimist an think I can get just one more swim in??? Heeehehehe

I'm sooooo not a winter chick!

God bless ya'll and enjoy this spooktacular weekend!!! :o)

Lynn said...

I love reading your blog, and especially today! I love the warmth and cozyness that this time of the year brings for us to enjoy, like the fire roaring in our fireplaces and stoves, and the warm hot cocoa you mention!

I find that I must be a real country gal, as I can usually feel and smell when it's going to rain or be cold.. My hubby is amazed when I can tell the weather this way! Nothing like being a country gal!!

Have a wonderful weekend!