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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WOW ! We Are Right Into …

Summer like weather .

Yup it has been warm and sunny, our temps have hit 25C or 77F and the sun has been shining   . Our House Wrens are back , all of our breeds of Swallows are back , Warblers , Brown Thrashers and I am waiting for the return of the Rose breasted Grosbeak's  they should be here any day now   . We have a new bird in the valley , a Eastern Meadowlark which are sadly on the endangered species list as they nest in fields and meadow's and are pray to all kinds of predators from fox to cats . It is the first I have seen and heard one in our area and for now he is sticking around.  I do love his song . For you birder enthusiast's like me,  here is what they look like and sound like..

Click here -https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Meadowlark/overview

I do get soo giddy when I hear and see our returning birds and even more so when a new bird  is in the area , I’m worse than  a kid in a candy store lol !

                                                           Our Baltimore Oriels have returned WOOHOO ! MAY 2018 (12 of 17)

It is wonderful to have them back and hear them about at the feeders . They must of had quite the journey for they arrived earlier this morning and feasted at the feeders on and off for quite some time before scoping the rest of the place out looking for their  old stomping grounds .

MAY 2018 (4 of 17)

Miggs has been enjoying the sun and warm temps to as she can get back to playing with her outside toys frolicking about and snoozing in her favorite places .MAY 2018 (2 of 17)

MAY 2018 (17 of 17)

A friend  and neighbor who we see when Miggs and I are on our walks said her friend has the hummers at her place and she only lives an hour or two away so I am ready for them as well with feeders up and  patiently waiting .

                         Mr Robin splish splashing in the bath ! Then drying him self off in the garden .

MAY 2018 (6 of 17)

                                          I love watching the birdies taking baths they are soo cute and funny !

MAY 2018 (8 of 17)

MAY 2018 (9 of 17)                                      Fluffing off the water in this pic , shake those tail feathers Mr Robin lol !

It has been so wonderful to get outside and enjoy all the returning birdies  the warm sunshine and getting in my gardens and yard and going for nice long walks early in the mornings with Miggs and having the windows open hearing the peeper's and birds early in the mornings  and later in the evenings and just taking in all of what this season and wonderful weather  has to offer .

Spring thunderstorms and rain for us maybe tonight but definitely for tomorrow and Friday then a weekend of sunshine and warm  temps again . Lots of blooms all over the place now and others waiting to burst into bloom . Butterfly's  and bees about here and there as they test and roam  the lands for nectar and places to rest .  The waking and returning of nature as the late spring started and now  hurries along skips and jumps into summer like weather  just makes me soo  well … GIDDY ! .

                                                                                     Until next time

                                                                                       Country Cove


William Kendall said...

Your area must be the northern limit for the orioles. I can't recall ever seeing one before.

NanaNor's said...

Hi and Happy May. I love spring weather as well, but we've got rain this week and next, but the weekend will be warm. I don't mind afternoon showers, just don't like it all day. However, we need the moisture so much. Love your birds. WE get the Meadowlark here and I too love it's song. I had to take a wreath off of my front door because the finches and sparrows love to nest in them and it ruins the paint on the house.
Hope you have a great afternoon.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

We are having our first real spring like day here and I couldn't be happier! I love your birds!

Denise inVA said...

Miggs is looking as adorable as ever and love the birds too. Always great to open up the windows and hear them singing :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That oriole is certainly a colorful bird, Elaine, and unfortunately I too never spotted one in our yard during our time in VA. Is it true that you can leave oranges for them to nibble on? Glad that you and Miggs have enjoyed some sunny and warm days as we have too in NH.