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Monday, May 14, 2018

Papa Taking Photos ,Me Taking Photos of Him & Bird Watching

Finally Papa had a chance yesterday to get his camera out and take photos and enjoy the afternoon of bird watching in the back 40 after he finished helping his dad in the morning put up a small fence  .

                                        I love taking photos of Papa taking photos lol !MAY 2018 (1 of 22)

Quietly sitting behind the cedar hedges and Lilac bushes by the field in the open to watch the birds and it is part of our neighbor's property  to as our neighbor Mr H is also an avid birder  and has lots of bird houses in his back 40.

MAY 2018 (2 of 22)                                                   Yes Papa caught me sneaking up on him taking photos of him lol !

MAY 2018 (6 of 22)                                                                          Capturing them in flight he was.MAY 2018 (8 of 22)                                                                  As I  was capturing him capturing them lol . 

MAY 2018 (11 of 22)

                                       It was a beautiful day yesterday and the birds were very happy and active .

MAY 2018 (14 of 22)Caught me again . I was sneaking about the trees , also trying to be quiet and move ever so carefully as to not frighten the birds off from Papa , but they are more used to me then they are of him and I am smaller so I can hide in the trees bushes and hedges easier then Papa can lol ! MAY 2018 (17 of 22)

We both ended up capturing these pair of Tree Swallows on top of the house . Papa hasn't loaded his pics yet he doesn't get to that part as fast as I do lol ! Papa is a very good photographer but rarely gets the time I do to enjoy it and take photos as he still works out of the home and when he is home has other projects or hobbies he enjoys doing as well  to many things to do and enjoy and not enough time to enjoy or do them  .

                                    So here are my photos of the Tree Swallow pair .

MAY 2018 (18 of 22)MAY 2018 (20 of 22)

                                        We had a nice time together taking photos and just enjoying the afternoon . Miggs was snoozing on the patio with one eye open keeping a close watch on us lol !

It is another lovely morning here and will be another lovely day to till later this evening when thunderstorms roll in Miggs doesn't like them but Papa and I do and Papa likes to take lighting photos so maybe he will do some tonight if he gets the chance .

                                                                         Until next time .

                                                                                Country Gal


Sherry, BlackBerryBrambles said...

I was wondering what kind of camera you use. Your pictures always turn out so good. I love to watch the birds also.

Anvilcloud said...

Now, that seems like fun, with good results too.

Country Gal said...

Hello Sherry from BlackBerryBrambles .
I thank you for taking the time to visit and for lovely comment . However your comment was sent via noreply-comment@blogger.com and I can not respond to it , I went to your blog and I cant comment or respond there either due to I do not have a Google+ blog but to answer your question as to what camera I use , I use a Nikon D3100 with my fave lens a telephoto zoom 55-300 , the camera body is reasonable in price but my lenses are the pricey part of my equipment as they are light weight and all have VR Vibration Reduction built in them and they are Nikon's brand called Nikkor . Thanks for popping by and for your question , Have a good day !

Margaret Adamson said...

Now your husband looks like he has a very good camera Love the Swallows

William Kendall said...

That is a serious camera!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What fun, Elaine, to see your photos of the photographer "in action" which was as nice as seeing your photos of the swallows. And, I admit to having hoped to find one that you were in as well!