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Monday, April 30, 2018

Goodbye April , Hello May

Well we say goodbye to another month , a month that should of promised us spring like weather  but held on to old man winter just a bit to long for my liking and it was the coldest April on record since 1995  but it did bring back our spring birds and start some of our spring plants but that is now being taken over by May, so goodbye April so long  .

           Now we enter May, a month that does promise warmer temps and lots of spring things like going to the garden center soon to get more plants  WOOHOO ! and for things like .

APRIL 2018 (5 of 28)                                          Spring flowers  lots and lots of spring flowers that have bloomed . APRIL 2018 (4 of 28)APRIL 2018 (7 of 28)

APRIL 2018 (6 of 28)

APRIL 2018 (11 of 28)

APRIL 2018 (10 of 28)                                                     And some garden ornaments are slowly being put out .

APRIL 2018 (14 of 28)         Spring birds are finally relieved that warmer weather is here to as they hunt for bugs and worms  their favorite foods and foods they need more than seed as they continue to  build their nests .

APRIL 2018 (2 of 28)Miggs and I were out all day after we had a nice walk earlier in the morning and she is loving being her old self again  and looks like we will have  to cut our grass soon to .

APRIL 2018 (15 of 28)APRIL 2018 (17 of 28)APRIL 2018 (18 of 28)              The trees , bushes and Lilacs are in full bud now and with the warmer temps will all soon be opening .

APRIL 2018 (22 of 28)

APRIL 2018 (23 of 28)I have already seen two Painted Lady butterfly's flutter through and a bee stopped off on the Hyacinth for  a nibble .

APRIL 2018 (27 of 28)

So things are coming along now that May has begun and I am anticipating the arrival of Hummers ,Warblers , Grosbeaks , other butterfly's and more . Papa said he saw a Baltimore Oriel on his way home from work and that was just blocks away  he saw it so out came the feeders with home made sugar water  ready for them . APRIL 2018 (28 of 28)                                                      Now I am anxiously awaiting their arrival and funny antics .

May is also my Blogversary . I started this blog May of 2010 , yup 8 years ago . I have tried not to repeat photos and posts but it is hard to do when your a home body and want to share all the nature that surrounds you and what grows in ones gardens each year even though it may all be the same year after year  lol ! I have reached over 2000 posts WOW ! I hope a lot of it wasn't just rambling lol ! and if it was oh well it is my blog to say what ever I want isn't it?! I have had 8 years of wonderful blog friends and reading so many lovely blogs , sadly some have passed on and others have given up blogging but for those who are still here I do so appreciate you all and for taking the time out of your busy days to pop by or comment , all though I will confess that I don't always comment on your posts I do try to read each and every one  with the acceptation of catching up sometimes lol !

                                                                                 Welcome May  I am sure glad your here .

                                                                                           Until next time .

                                                                                             Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

Happy Blogiversary. Your place looks awesome at this time of year (and others too).

William Kendall said...

Bravo on the milestone! The flowers are a cheerful sight.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice to see all the new blooms, Elaine, and like you we are glad to see the last of winter weather. Congrats on the blog anniversary too and glad to read that you and Miggs are back to your walks.

Rosella said...

It truly is wonderful to see the birds come back and we actually saw a Grosbeak at our feeder this morning!!! Can't wait for the orioles to show up and hear their beautiful song (sounding like a robin that's had singing lessons). Happy Spring/Summer weekend to you!