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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Bit Of This & That & A Sad Week For Our Provence & Country

It was an overcast day yesterday after having such a wonderful sunny warm weekend and Monday  . Today it is overcast and raining  .  It is nice to have a constant gentler rain fall for a change , the kind that soaks the gardens and land nicely giving it the drink it needs to flourish . Spring showers bring May flowers and that we already have started with our Daffodils .


This one Daff just couldn't wait TA DA !! Look how pretty it is . All our others in the garden's are close to blooming to and after this rain today they will be popping open any time !


                                                                            Just a few Smartphone pics this time lol  .


My Bleeding heard shrub is getting there , why just last week it was barely even visible , now look . I do love this plant with its perfect shaped heart flowers !


Hyacinth's are coming along well to and will be opening soon , I have three different colours about the gardens !


As it rains today Miggs is resting in side  as the dampness goes straight  to her legs but yesterday she was enjoying a warm but cloudy day on her swing , I had to drop the old swing for her as it can get to hard for her to climb up but she likes  this just fine as you can see here lol !  Bless her furry socks .



Wafting through the house was the smell of this Apple Crumble pie for dessert to have through out the week  with some ice-cream MMM it is YUMMY ! 

The birdies are busy at the feeders today whilst the rain falls and all the gardens and land are perking up with every drop .  At night the peppers have been singing and it is wonderful to have the windows open again as the temps have warmed up both in the day and night .  I am so glad we finally have our spring .

Well that's about it for me , it will be a day of puttering inside as the rain falls .

I would like to say it is a sad time for  our province and country  for all those people in Toronto Ontario who lost their lives as a deranged man killed them and ran them down with a rented large white van as they innocently went about their day. My heart and prayers go out to their family and friends  .

                                                                                          Country Gal


Henny Penny said...

I've never seen a more delicious looking apple pie! Old sweet Miggs. She always looks so cute and huggable. (is that a word?) That is one big yellow flowers. It's looking like spring up your way.

William Kendall said...

The flowers are starting to come out of the soil here too. The tulips should be okay around the festival time in May. Beautiful shots!

Rosella said...

What a relief to finally have some Spring weather. Your gardens are coming along nicely. I need to do a walk about here too and check to see how things are coming. Our lawn is such a mess with branches, pine cones, and debris from the storms everywhere and soon we'll be able to start the clean-up. Your pie looks so yummy - enjoy!

NanaNor's said...

Hi, Just stopping by to catch up. Love your flowers, daffodils are a favorite of mine. Miggs looks so comfy.
I was so saddened about the loss that Toronto suffered.
Sending hugs your way.

Linda said...

Apple crumble looks great!
I love a gentle steady rain too...something peaceful about it.
Heading back down to the cottage in the morning...my garden is calling me!
Enjoy your week..
Linda :o)