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Monday, October 3, 2016

It Was A Very Soggy Weekend and Start To October


It was raining all weekend and  it had been raining since last Thursday . It was a nice and  quiet weekend though .  We did have a break from the rain yesterday afternoon for a bit as it brightened up for a short time .

                                                                    OCTOBER 2016 (1 of 10)


       So Papa ,  Miggs and I ventured out for a bit . Miggs was happy to get outside and do her yard sniff to make

sure all was good !

OCTOBER 2016 (3 of 10)

                                                                          That look of   WHAT ?!  WHERE ?!

The grass has thickened up and greened up so nicely that we have to cut it more often now but kind of hard to do that when it is still wet from all the rain we have had hopeful that a few days of sun shine and warm temps will help with that  . The leaves are falling more now as well and changing . 

OCTOBER 2016 (8 of 10)

OCTOBER 2016 (9 of 10)

It is a bit gloomy here again today and it was foggy this morning but so far no more rain thank goodness , the sun looks like it will be breaking through this white wash of over cast soon  .. I hope ! The rest of the week for us looks sunny and warm .

OCTOBER 2016 (10 of 10)

The Blue jays here have been hording around the feeders  and stirring up a ruckus , why this morning there were 6 of them all on the ground dashing up and down from the cedar hedge that's there to the ground under the feeders  , they are  funny birds to watch . I spotted a Junco on our walk this morning and the Eastern Blue birds are about as well  , I had seen 4 of them sitting high up on the wires , didn't have my big camera with me  , oh well , maybe next time !  I have also seen and heard the Robins again  , funny how some birds disappear at the end of August  making me think they have migrated already only to see and hear them back this time of year , unless these are some stragglers on their way through as we are on the migration path  .  Very early in the mornings just at dusk  we have our windows open  I have been hearing the strange sound from the  Great Blue Heron flying over , they do make  a weird yet distinct sound . The Starlings are flocking in droves to and fro and the Canadian Geese have been flying over head as well in huge flocks   . The hummers have truly left now as the nectar feeders have been very quite   , so the nectar feeders have been emptied , cleaned up and put away till next summer .  Whilst  most of our summer birds have left Fall birds have been returning .   My how fast the months and seasons go by .

                                                                          I cant believe it is October already !


This coming weekend is a long weekend for us as it is our Thanksgiving  , looking forward to a family  gathering for that over the weekend , hoping the weather is nice for it all to . 

Well ….. that’s it for me for now  , I am hoping to get out more this week and get going on the rest of my gardens as the weather is to be nice .    I  am saying out loud as I turn to look out the window as I am typing this  Oh Look !!  sunshine WOOHOO !!! I’m out of here then ….. Later Gators ! 

                                                                                                   Winking smile

                                                                                       Until next time .

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Primitive Stars said...

Happy October, love the pictures of Migfs, she is so beautiful. Sorry for the soggy days, we had the most beautiful wether so far. Blessings Francine

The Furry Gnome said...

Interesting how some birds just quietly disappear, and others re-appear. I've noticed that with the Robins too; they disappear for awhile and then return before leaving for good.

Margaret Adamson said...

Have a great thanksgiving. that second shot is a gorgeous one of Miggs.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hope you have dried out a bit, we didn't get any rain except a 5 minute downpour on Monday morning. It's a gorgeous day, finished putting away the garden decorations while listening to large flocks of Canada Geese fly over.

William Kendall said...

Miggs is so photogenic!

Gail said...

Looks like fall.

Glad you have rain. We are bone dry.

Have a blessed week.