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Monday, October 17, 2016

Unusually Warm and Humid Here



It was a quiet weekend this weekend  . Papa had to do some work away from home  so it was Miggs and I on Saturday here and we just puttered . I cant believe the weather this time of year it has been warm humid and sunny  , today it is sort of  a overcast and a bit foggy  and looks like the sun will  out  soon to . The temps  are  18°C feeing like 24°C  or  64°F  feeling like 75°F   and  getting warmer as the day goes on and for the next few days to , its like summer  here again .

Miggs and I went for a nice walk early Saturday morning and I took a few photos with my phone of the colours .


                                                         Some trees have changed more then others down here .


                                 Miggs was watching something whilst she was waiting for me to take the photo .


                                          The sumac's have fully changed in spots and even lost their leaves already .

                       When we got home from our walk we both sat and took in the day for a bit  as it was soo lovely out .

OCTOBER 2016 (4 of 22)

                                                           Miggs loves the sun shine and was tired after out walk .

OCTOBER 2016 (16 of 22)

Our Juncos are back now and busy feasting on leftovers on the ground from the feeders and the odd bug that is still about with this unusually warm weather .  All our fall/winter birds have arrived now .

OCTOBER 2016 (17 of 22)

The Blue Jays have been having a ball at the feeders and watering hole and constantly flap from one to the other and squawking like mad .

OCTOBER 2016 (22 of 22)

I spotted a juvenile Red winged black bird checking out the feeders to . The Crackles and other  black birds have stopped off for a while here as we are  on the migration path . We have loads of Robins about and all the birds seem very anxious  and restless  to  I guess they sense the unusual climate change that's going on here and the storms that have been happening through out the country  .  They are the best weather forecasters if one knows how to read them .

OCTOBER 2016 (1 of 22)

I think this warmer weather  is confusing the birds as to keep migrating or not for this time of year  .  I know it is confusing my gardens and myself lol .

OCTOBER 2016 (9 of 22)

Well Miggs you sure do know how to enjoy these unusual  warm fall days lol ! More like hey mum I am here get a few photos of me instead of all the birdies as she grumbles and groans to get the attention of the camera on her .. and it works every time .

OCTOBER 2016 (13 of 22)

Well that's about it  for me for now  things are slowing down more here now  for a while  . I missed taking photos of the supper moon  or Hunters moon over the weekend  as it was some what cloudy at night  .

Just a note of reminder .. if any of you comment through  noreplay that's  through bloggers email  it’s self and not your own email address  I cant  respond  so it isn't that I don't want to  respond  It cant be done . So to those who I can not respond to and of course those that I can I would like to thank you all for taking the time to pop by and for  leaving  a comment .

                                                                                 Until next time

                                                                                Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We are enjoying this unusual weather, but today we are getting misty rain. The juncos are back here too, nuthatches have been around for awhile. I did make some all season suet, just hot the grackles and starlings don't get a whiff of it. I missed the full hunters/super moon too as it was so cloudy.

Jan said...

Down here in North Texas, we are also having unusually warm and humid weather. High of 90 F predicted today. Our sumacs have also started to turn red and are very pretty. I'm really ready for some cooler weather, though!

William Kendall said...

I was surprised this morning by how long the moon seemed to be lingering even past dawn. Beautiful shots!

Anvilcloud said...

Warm indeed. It's supposed to hit 24 here tomorrow. Crazy, but okay with me.

The Furry Gnome said...

It's incredibly warm around here!

Kay said...

Seems that fall is having a hard time pushing summer away everywhere. Here in SoCal, we've had a few fall days, but they are saying that on Thursday we are going to be back up into the 100's.

Miggs seem to be enjoying the weather though.

Pamela Gordon said...

I've noticed some fall birds arriving and summer birds passing through the past week or so. We had Eastern Bluebirds for several days which was quite exciting. Have a lovely week.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Elaine, It is so good to get caught up; I've had the hardest time lately. Your area looks so beauty, adorned for this beautiful season. Miggs looks like one happy pup.

Gail said...

It was very warm here today. I'm not ready for winter but would like it a little cooler.

Great shots.