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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sunny Fall Days


We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend  with family and friends  , the weather has been wonderful all though a bit chilly at times in the evenings and early mornings but pleasant .

I have been puttering in the yard and gardens getting things tidied up  and  cleaning and putting the water features away so they don't freeze when the hard frost hits and  could ruin the little pumps , we still have water out there for our birdies and critters .

OCTOBER 2016 (1 of 28)

I went around the yard and gardens with my little red wagon which we call Ruby and collected my little statues from my gardens  , washed them off dried them and put them to bed for the season .

OCTOBER 2016 (2 of 28)

                           I think I need to re paint these little guys next year  they are looking a little weathered .

OCTOBER 2016 (3 of 28)

Whilst some plants and flowers are all done my rose of Sharon's which are new to the gardens as of this summer from clippings are getting big and decided to bloom for me  . I am glad the drought through the summer didn't have an affect on them .

OCTOBER 2016 (4 of 28)

I have lots of English daises who love the cooler weather popping up every where now and since I have had them for two years they have spread like wild fire all over , we love them as they will bloom in a mild winter like they did last year  funny to have outdoor flowers in bloom in the snow  but we liked it very much .

          I saw these Blue jay feathers sitting on the blocks we have in the back  , hope the blue jay is ok maybe he just molted a few for new ones .

OCTOBER 2016 (11 of 28)

                    The bees are still out and about collecting nectar from what  wild flowers there are  left in the fields .

OCTOBER 2016 (9 of 28)

OCTOBER 2016 (7 of 28)

                                    Miggs has been busy watching the yard keeping an eye on things for me .

OCTOBER 2016 (14 of 28)

As I sat outside this morning having my cuppa tea  as the sun was rising and I watching the birdies I heard a faint towhee towhee I thought wait a minute I have never heard that bird here before . So in my jammies no doubt  I grabbed my camera and followed the sound . To my surprise I was able to capture this stranger to our area as he was feasting on the berries in the brush in the field beside our house .

OCTOBER 2016 (25 of 28)

At first I was trying to figure out what he was but I just kept taking his photo as I was delighted to see him here .

OCTOBER 2016 (27 of 28)

I watched him snacking on the berries deep in the brush ,not really  knowing what breed he is as I have never seen him here  so I took lots of photos and dashed in to look on my bird search website , Well what ya know he is an Eastern Towhee  never had one of them here before hope he hangs around for a while  I do enjoy his sound and seeing a new bird about . I love living on the migration path as each year brings new birds to our area .

Our Eastern Blue birds are about as well playing in the trees on the wires and on our roof .

OCTOBER 2016 (17 of 28)

                                          This little guy stopped to take a peek at us sitting on our patio lol !

Also our Juncos are back now to  as are our chipping Sparrows and other  breeds . I do like migration time and the fall for all the birds we see and get stopping over and maybe  staying  .

The leaves are falling  more each day and some have completely changed the colours of the trees are looking more vibrant with each passing day . The sun is still warm and breezes are cool . I am almost finished my garden clean up ,  well … I would of already been done if I didn't stop to take loads of photos but I just cant help myself there is so much out there to photograph .

                                                                                Until next time .

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William Kendall said...

Quite a busy time around your place!

Linda said...

Love that you enjoy everything about Nature...
Stay warm..
Linda :o)

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures.

Although our winters aren't as hard as yours, I am doing some last minute things like this too.

Have a blessed week.

The Furry Gnome said...

You've got quite a few little garden statues to gather up. Great weather we've been having for fall clean-up.

Margaret Adamson said...

You sure had a lot of ornaments for your garden and I love those 2 dogs on the chair as well as the birds shots and of course Miggs is the star!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, your so lucky to have sun, been dreary here for a week and a half, can't take it anymore.... We have the Tohee at the lake, such a beautiful bird, as IDs the Bluebird. Enjoy the Fall days,Francine.

krishna said...

nice post.. the birds are dry beautiful.. I love the statues of your garden..

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