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Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Bit Of This & That



First of all , the weather so far this week has been glorious , sunny with cool breezes   and clear sky’s  windows have been open day and night  , it has been perfect at night for sleeping and during the day   for working out side in the yard or just puttering about which I have been doing both here and there . 

All though the sunrises have been later in the mornings they have still  been pretty .

OCTOBER 2016 (5 of 10)-2

                                          Miggs waiting patiently for me to finish filling feeders  to go for our walk .

OCTOBER 2016 (7 of 10)-2

The leaves on the trees are slowly changing  and falling , some trees and bushes are in full change with the grasses and wild flowers  to whilst others are just starting but the mix of all the colours and textures  make the land look so  nice  .


    Took this with my phone whilst Miggs and I started  off on our morning  walk . This view is  just behind our house  , a small part of our pretty valley . I love it .

The crickets and grasshoppers are still chirping like mad in the fields and yard   . The birds are busy in the valley and the yard to . We have a small flock of Robins that hang about every morning  chirp chirping , and a lot of Northern Flickers in our trees making their distinct  wick-a, wick-a  calls , it is so wonderful being on the migration path as we get to see and or hear all kinds of birds travel through and or stop over   .  Still seeing the odd Monarch and other butterfly's  flitter through to .

The Blue Jays have been gobbling up the seed in the back every morning before any other birds get to the flat feeder , thank fully we have other feeders about for the other birds lol !

OCTOBER 2016 (10 of 10)-2

Caught a glimpse of the school bus picking up the kids at the corner of our road on the other side of the field .

OCTOBER 2016 (2 of 10)-2

Basically I have just been enjoying this added extra bonus of beautiful weather we are having and all the changing  nature that's about  and taking my time getting things done .  It is a long weekend for us this weekend coming ,  our Thanksgiving , we will be busy with family and friends and as the weather is to still be nice , more out door stuff lol !

           Wishing our fellow Canadian bloggers  A Happy Thanksgiving weekend ! and a good weekend to all of you !

                                                                                      Until next time .

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William Kendall said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Terrific shots.

Miggs looks stoic.

Linda said...

This weather is hirgeous, and like you, I've been out enjoying every monute I can. Have a great weekend.

Rosella said...

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you too! Lovely pictures as always. Such a beautiful time of year and yes, the weather has been glorious indeed!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, can't believe Thanksgiving weekend already. Hope you have a good one...love your pictures, cute bird feeder..Blessings Francine.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

That is an interesting shot of the bus and a lovely one of Miggs

September Violets said...

Beautiful shot of your valley, that's going to look magnificent when the trees do finally turn this fall. I saw all kinds of warblers in my yard this week on the way back south. Thankfully they seem to love those little annoying black flies because the chipmunks are stealing all the seeds I put out for the birds! It's been a very trying summer with that darned rodent >:[

Have a very happy Thanksgiving yourself Elaine, and enjoy this lovely weather while it lasts!


Linda said...

We got in 2 different trips to the cottage...gorgeous weather!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Elaine!
Linda :o)