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Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Reflection Of Our Weekend


It was a good weekend  , the weather was pleasant with sun and cloud and not to much wind at all  . Miggs had a few hours at the groomers in town mid afternoon Saturday  , she  had a bath , trimmed her fur up a bit and clipped her nails  and she looks and smells so nice  and her coat is nice and soft  now to , whist she was having that done Papa and  I wondered around some shops for a bit getting bits and bobs we needed  . When we got home we got Miggs settled in for a bit then we went to Papa’s parents for a lovely dinner and  some of our family was there , most of them live a few hours away so it was nice to see them as every one is busy and working and don't get much time to travel to visit .


It was nice to see everyone and catch up , lots of laughs, jokes , good food and memories going around the table ! As usual we left stuffed to the gills and pleased to see them all !

                              Then this morning we woke to sunshine and the promise of another nice day !

DECEMBER 2014 (3 of 6)

The sun was shining in our living room windows casting a lovely reflection of shadows of this lamp . As the morning went on Papa went out into his shop and did some puttering  and tidying up and I did laundry and made our brunch  .

DECEMBER 2014 (6 of 6)

                   As I was making brunch  I saw Miggs from the window enjoying the warm sunshine out side  catching up on some  napping from her busy day on Saturday  !

DECEMBER 2014 (5 of 6)

They both came in for brunch  .  I made bacon and eggs on toasted English muffins sort of like the egg McMuffin but better all fresh and we call mine  Country Cove egg muffins lol ! Then after we had brunch  we all went out side , played and did some Christmas decorating to the outside of Papa’s wood shop  , photos of that later still have some last minuet touches to do lol   then  after a few hours we came in  had a nice  roast dinner and  relaxed watching old TV shows  Papa had found on Netflix . So that is the reflection of our nice weekend . Hope you all had a good weekend to !

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Pamela Gordon said...

It looks like summer there....almost. LOL It is really cold here and going down to -18 tonight. It sounds like you had a nice weekend though. Have a great week!

William Kendall said...

It looks like quite a happy family!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your snow is gone, it looks so warm and green! :)

Margaret Adamson said...

Looks like you all had a great time.

Linda Kay said...

Loved the lamp reflection. Happy for you to have had a lovely weekend, as did I. Thanks for your pics.

Patsy said...

The month for family's, what a happy time you have. Give Miggs a hug for me.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend all around. Oh I wish we had warm weather and no snow like you do, enjoy it :)

TexWisGirl said...

nice to have a good family get-together!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that you enjoyed your family time. I love the reflection/shadow of the lamp on the wall, it is amazing what you can see isn't it. xx