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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out Of Commission


Well I wont be posting for a bit as I have hurt my back. Yesterday was a nice sunny day , Miggy and I went out side to play and I reached down to pick up her toy and  SNAP !!!  went my back . I could barley move . I had to get in the house take of my boots and what not and call Papa at work . I have torn my lumbar muscle on my lower right side the muscle that keeps your upper body straight and moving.  I can barley walk let alone sit . I am typing this faster then ever here as sitting causes pain. So I am now literally a couch potato with hot water bottle and heating pad and Papa waiting on me hand and foot yesterday and rushing to get his work done today to get home to look after me again today . He has been so wonderful .  So R&R for me for a few days .

                        Isn't getting older fun sometimes !    lol !

            Until next time , Hope you all have a good day !

                              Country Gal

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nice Weekend & Weird Weather


We had a nice weekend despite the weird weather. Our youngest son James came down with my sister in law and family as they just live around the corner from each other , our oldest son  David couldn't make it he had to work . Saturday we had a family get together at my in laws . Lots of good food  it was a buffet and we had lots of  laughter and chatting up storms . It was good to see every one .

Talking about storms .The weather has been really weird . Yesterday it snowed a little bit and it was windy and cold, but today we had a snow storm all day and even a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning in the snow storm. That has been the second time I have seen lightning and heard thunder in the middle of a snow storm !


Papa and I filled the bird feeders early this morning , a good thing to . If your a bird person like me  watch and study them have you  ever noticed they have a feeding frenzy before a storm ? And that they did !

James went home with my sister in law and family as well  before the snow storm started and had to travel north east  2 hours drive the storm was coming up from the south west from lake Erie so they were a head of it , thank  goodness !

The snow storm started at noon and just finished and it’s now 8pm . It is that wet and heavy snow, if it was light fluffy snow it would be deeper then it is . It was so windy we couldn't see across the street the snow was blowing around so much being as heavy as it is . We must of got at least 4 inches today.

Every time Miggy went out she would run with her nose in the snow like a shovel then would roll in it and come up looking like this !


                      Until next time . Hope you all have a good day !

                                   Country Gal

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dark Dismal Day


Yesterday it was freezing rain and today its  snow mixed with a sleet , it’s  dark , cold and just plain YUK out there !

Miggy still insists on being out side and this is what she does when I ask her if she wants to come in !


This means no I don't want in mum , she lays down right after I ask her. That’s her old puppy bed on the left  , she still likes to curl up in it outside even though she is to big for it under the porch and watch  the action in the yard and nod off ever now and then !



                                                                    A wet shaggy dog !

I took these photos in a different light setting on my camera to try to get the affect of how gloomy it is !



Some of the birds look soggy ,whilst eating breakfast ! I wonder if they make birdie rain coats lol !



  I love playing around with the camera’s light setting ! There are birds on the feeders in the photo below !


   Looks like I need to fill my feeders again .  The snow has thickened up as it is falling  and as I am writing this so maybe it will brighten up a bit later !

                                      Until next time, hope you all have a good weekend !

                                           Country Gal

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting For This !


                                          Last years photos !



                                                           And this !


                                                                      And this !


                                                                 And this !


                                                       Day Dreaming of free-spring-clip-art

                                                    Country Gal



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Leaky Ceiling


last week we had a leak in our laundry/mudroom ceiling ! It wasn’t a bad leak but a leak none the less. so Papa pulled the ceiling down and checked it out ! Found where it was coming from. He figured that the heat and cold return in the roof was causing moister build up on the outer wall and that caused the leak and it didn’t  have a proper vapour barrier !



  So Papa tore all the old insulation and plastic and some wet boards and let it dry out for a few days .



                         Empty kitty liter buckets come in handy !




This farm house was build in 1895 ya never know what was used in the buildings in those days!

After all that Papa put a new vapour barrier in ,new insulation , plastic and sealed it all up again and looks like new and no more leaks !

                                Until next time, Hope you have a great day !

                                            Country Gal

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weird Weather & Planning Gardens


Today it is raining, quite heavy at times and we even had a few thunder claps early this morning . The snow is almost all gone and the temp is to reach  10 °C   or 50 °F  Spring like that is  for us. The rest of the week is to be mild during the day but drop at night. If it drops tonight that makes for black ice on the roads. The poor birds in our yard don't seem to know what's going on and seem to be quite confused with this on and off again winter spring like weather.

I received my flower catalogues and since it is a rainy day today I will go through them and start planning my gardens and day dream of spring and summer !


                                     Are you planning your gardens yet ? 

                         Until next time . Hope you all have a great day !

                                                     Country Gal

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healthy Girls


Its a nice sunny day today , not to cold at all . The weather is to warm up again next week ! The weather has been a combination of winter and spring  each week, very odd  for where we are in Canada !

We took the girls  ,Miggy and Harley to the vet for their yearly check up and shots . The vet was very impressed with their health , said they are in great condition .  Some of you may remember my posts I did when Miggy had her reconstructive knee surgery last Feb and posts of her recovery, well her knee is 150%  the vet said when she felt it she couldn't even tell the different between the two and that it has heeled remarkable well . Both have good clean ears , clean teeth, clean skin and fur and bright eyes and good strong hearts . Just need to cut their intake of food a bit more as both put on a bit of weight but nothing to seriously to worry about ! So Papa and I are pleased our girls are healthy and happy !


                                Until next time Hope you all have a good day !

                                       Country Gal

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sharing The Blog Love



                                              Liebster means Dearest or Favourite in German."

Our Country Cove Life

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Now, I get to give the award to FIVE up and coming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers!

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           It was soo hard to pick just 5 blogs as I follow and read  so many wonderful blogs !

              So ladies click on and pick up your award and pass on the Blog Love !

                                        I have picked these 5 wonderful blogs !

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                                                             Country Gal

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sharing The Blog Love