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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Miggy Tuesday


Well , its Miggy everyday here lol.  We still have no snow and none left from what we did get last week and it feels like spring every now and then.  I like it cause Miggy and I can get out for our walks every day and play in the yard ! The temps haven’t been to bad it ranges during the day from + 1 to + 5  and sunny , it does drop during the nights though !


                       Soaking up the sun on Papa’s work shop deck !


             Ball in mouth , pushing soccer ball with nose !



                             Miggy really loves to show off for the camera !


                   She also loves to play and is full of energy all day long every day !



                                 I just cant  get enough of Miggy photos !

                                   Until next time Hope you have a great day !

                                              Country Gal


Faye Henry said...

I think Miggy likes having her pics taken.. smile..
We are getting a bit of snowy rain tonight..

Crystal said...

Cant believe the grass is still super green there!! Miggy looks so happy :)

Anna said...

Hi Happy Wednesday-What a Ham bone!Hey, what happen to the snow?
Have a great day,Anna

Denise said...

Miggy is such a pretty little dog, love these photos of her. Right now it's 46 degrees in my part of northern Virginia. We had quite a dusting of snow the day before yesterday but today we've got 100 percent rain. Not too bad temperature wise though, right now it is 46 degrees F. Have a great day and please give Miggy a scratch on the ears for me :)

Ellen said...

Miggy is so cute and obviously very smart. Kill two balls with one nose, right?