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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dark Dismal Day


Yesterday it was freezing rain and today its  snow mixed with a sleet , it’s  dark , cold and just plain YUK out there !

Miggy still insists on being out side and this is what she does when I ask her if she wants to come in !


This means no I don't want in mum , she lays down right after I ask her. That’s her old puppy bed on the left  , she still likes to curl up in it outside even though she is to big for it under the porch and watch  the action in the yard and nod off ever now and then !



                                                                    A wet shaggy dog !

I took these photos in a different light setting on my camera to try to get the affect of how gloomy it is !



Some of the birds look soggy ,whilst eating breakfast ! I wonder if they make birdie rain coats lol !



  I love playing around with the camera’s light setting ! There are birds on the feeders in the photo below !


   Looks like I need to fill my feeders again .  The snow has thickened up as it is falling  and as I am writing this so maybe it will brighten up a bit later !

                                      Until next time, hope you all have a good weekend !

                                           Country Gal


Beverly said...

Our bird feeders have been getting a lot of action....and we have been buying a lot of bird feed! They never seem to mind the rain...just the wind. I know what you mean about not wanting to come in....Maddie and Sadie spend most of their days outdoors. I guess big shaggy dogs love the cold weather. Brrrrr. Ready for Spring, here!

Gail said...

I got cold just looking!!!

The swans are fantastic.

Ellen said...

Gosh I love Miggy, she is so funny - trying to fit into her old bed. Creatures of habit they are. I get my girls a new bed and yet they want to go on the old grungy one. Well, Miggy obviously knows what she wants! Gotta love it.

dr momi said...

Miggy looks like she has plenty of fur to keep her warm out there -- what a cute dog!

Anna said...

Hi There, I havn't been on for a while.We have had the same kind of weather dark and cold, rainy days.My babies go to the door and turn right around and run back in.I feel so bad for the birds but they still come to the feeders. I enjoy keeping up with your blog and all the great photos.Have a great evening.Regards, Anna

Lorilee said...

My dogs don't even want to go out to potty if it is cold and wet! Lucky for them, south Texas doesn't have much really cold weather! I had to put one of my feeders in the shed because a raccoon was tearing it up. I only keep an old feeder and the tray feeder out right now.
Muggy's coat looks warm!

Gone Country said...

I hope you get some sunshine soon.

It's funny how Miggy wants to stay outside in such dreary weather! I like the photo of her in her old bed... she's hanging out of it, lol!

Teresa said...

It has been awfully dismal here too. Hope you get some sunshine.

fernvalley01 said...

looks like a nasty day

Red said...

You accomplished quite a bit in very low light conditions. You also gave a very good sense of your dismal weather.