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Friday, March 10, 2017

This & That


It is a cold, windy, cloudy , sunny day here today with the odd light snow squalls not my cup of tea at all but oh well March is a wacky weather month lol !

I saw the moon last night and had to get out and take a photo or two . The air was chilly and damp and it showed around the moon  with a haze  .

MARCH 2017 (4 of 15)

MARCH 2017 (6 of 15)

                                                                                     I didn't stay out long .

Then this morning as the sun was rising , Mr Robin was exploring the ground  as he stood there eyeing it and watching for movement for a meaty morsel .

MARCH 2017 (10 of 15)

                                            I guess the phrase  ear to the ground comes in to  play for these guys  lol !


MARCH 2017 (9 of 15)

               They stand still look and listen and can actually hear and see bugs and worms move about below the grass .

MARCH 2017 (11 of 15)

            The Grackles have been hording my feeders like mad , time to switch over to Safflower seed as all black birds and squirrel's do not like Safflower seed .

MARCH 2017 (14 of 15)

There aren't as many as there were before I took the photo  but to many still for the other birds liking that's for sure  they are what we call BULLY BIRDS .

                                                                         In my last post I put up a reminder to spring9c46x4Myi our clocks this Sunday one hour forward  and that is ok with me the more day light and sun light the better ,  for me anyways means more time spent outside  lol ! .

I am trying to add a widget called Linkwithin to my posts to show previous posts in a thumbnail at the end of each new post but the widget doesn't seem to be working so this will be a trial and error thing for me , it isn't hard to do at all just blogger for some reason wont take it . I don't post through blogger template I post through Open Live Writer so maybe that has something to do with it but still blogger is my main so who knows lol ! I have seen it on other blogs and like the display thumbnails and links to older posts , oh well we will keep trying lol !

Hope this back to winter weather passes soon and we don't get any snow accumulation happening , old man winter needs to leave not for only me but for our returning spring  birdies  .


                                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                                           Country Gal


Linda said...

It's freezing here today with lots of wind, but the sun is shining. Good luck with the linkwithin, I have used it in the past when I used Blogger.

William Kendall said...

The birds will be happy when spring really sets in. We've had light snow here today.

Saku said...

I'm so envious that spring is coming to your corner of the world. We're in the deep freeze again this week with snow and ice. The robins won't be showing up for weeks yet.

Living in Saskatchewan we don't change our clocks either. Well, we did until the mid-60's and then after springing forward one year we never went back. I'm too young (that's an odd thing to say) to remember but recall my parents talking about it.

Have a great weekend!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Fun photos of the Robins! I saw several of them together doing that same thing today - I hope before the cold really sets in that they get a good meal to tie them over until it warms up late next week. Stay warm, and enjoy your weekend!

The Furry Gnome said...

At least you have green grass showing. Back to looking white here!

Anvilcloud said...

Robins are back here, but the pickings are not good for them.

Pamela Gordon said...

Sweet pics of the robins! And no snow for you. It is so bitterly cold here today at -20 and -30 with the windchill. I hope this is the last of these bitterly cold windy days for this year! We have a snow warning for Tuesday night into Wednesday so winter isn't done with us yet.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Snow is heading our way too this coming week with what's being touted as a nor'easter and while I do like winter, it's time to welcome spring. Enjoyed the robin photos, Elaine, especially with the hazy background.

Faye Henry said...

That moon is beautiful but so cold looking.. Must be since we are having such cold temps here in the Maritimes.. Would love to see a robin.. So sweet.. xo