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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Springing Along & Near The End Of March


Spring is happing every where here now and I cant believe it is the last few days of March  already ?! I also  couldn’t believe my ears last night when I let Miggs out to do her business  at 9:30pm  I heard peepers already in the marshy areas  . I had to call Papa and get him to hear to make sure it wasn't me hearing things that aren't there lol ! yup he said that's peepers alright FEW I said I thought I was loosing my marbles hearing them this early  !! One of my best  musical sounds   .

I also saw a Turkey Vulture soar over the house yesterday . Papa said he saw one the day before  so they are back now to .

The weather has been warm with some sun and cloud  with rain on and off  to but yesterday evening   I was out side enjoying the temps of 13C or 56F  and last night the temps dropped to only 10C or 50F  and warm this morning to .

                                                                        Miggs and I were out enjoying the evening .

MARCH 2017 (1 of 16)

                                       Wisps of clouds as the sun sets at 7:35 pm and setting later each day now !


Miggs is feeling better and doing well with her elevated bowls that seem to help with her tummy and throat as  she was prancing about with her toy whilst I was wondering about after I had  some fetch time with her .

MARCH 2017 (3 of 16)

MARCH 2017 (4 of 16)

                                       She likes to shake shake her toy and all you see is ears all over the place lol !

MARCH 2017 (6 of 16)

MARCH 2017 (8 of 16)

                                                          Time to relax for a bit till the next round lol !

                                       Whilst she was resting I went about with camera in hand some more !

MARCH 2017 (11 of 16)

Mr Robin one of many  we have here was serenading us  whilst we were outside , some times it gets so defining with all the robins singing , chirping and all the other birds at the same time then the sound of Geese flying over to  , another favorite  musical sound  to my ears  is the sounds of all the birds . The Geese get so low I can hear the winds through their wings whooshing  as they fly over !  I noticed in the pic above with Robin the buds of our big old  Manitoba maple tree are getting closer to opening to  as are lots of other trees , bushes and shrubs .

                                                              I spotted  a few Cedar Waxwings in our  other maple tree !

MARCH 2017 (16 of 16)

It was getting kind of dark as the sun had already set and taking photos of birds in trees were becoming to be more silhouettes  then anything so I  walked about looking down instead lol !

MARCH 2017 (12 of 16)

     Pansies are starting to bloom and spread  , Daffodils  and Tulips are high above the ground now to . So everything is springing up nicely now and all have returned for another wonderful spring season and Miggs and I are loving it all  .

                                                                                       Until next time .

                                                                                              Country Gal


Linda said...

Lovely...Thanks for the tour!
Linda :o)

Dicky Bird said...

Nice pictures. I too have heard and seen many spring birds - including the Robin. Yay!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

How lovely hearing the peepers. I'll have to listen tonight. We've seen the herons flying over but haven't spotted the turkey vultures yet. Thinking about removing a couple of the greenery baskets as they are looking poorly and getting out my spring umbrella and boot displays. Loving this nicer weather.

Anvilcloud said...

Storm coming Thurs/Fri, but I guess you'll just get rain. We might not be so lucky.

William Kendall said...

Quite a lot of birds around! We still have a good amount of the snow around.

The Furry Gnome said...

Saw our first Turkey Vulture today, but no Peepers yet.

Pamela Gordon said...

It must be heaven to hear all the birds singing there now, and the peepers too! Goodness, we're still snowed under and pond frozen here in NB!! I'm glad the raised feeding station is helping Miggs out. Have a good afternoon.