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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Beautiful Day Before The Rain Storms


To start the day off even better look what I got delivered .

A new feeder from Papa for my B day last week  . SURPRISE !!  WOOHOO !  Thanks PapaRed heart  I love it .

MARCH 2017 (36 of 37)

MARCH 2017 (37 of 37)

               It was glorious today with  lots of sunshine and temps hit 15C . Miggs and I sat outside for the afternoon .

MARCH 2017 (8 of 37)

PicMonkey Collage

                                            Spring is in all around us here and the birds and critters are feisty to !

MARCH 2017 (4 of 37)

                                                               Seeing lots of Turkey Vultures now finally !

MARCH 2017 (6 of 37) Yes , I am moving ahead with  some out door decorating , I have my chimes up to outside , love the sound of them in the breeze oh well  what the heck eh?!

MARCH 2017 (11 of 37)

                 Our Little song Sparrow or as some know them  as Field Sparrow has been serenading us all day , such pretty little birds !

MARCH 2017 (13 of 37)

                                                                  All the birdies and critters are busy  now .

MARCH 2017 (19 of 37)

MARCH 2017 (20 of 37)

                                    I know ,  to many bird photos  right ?! but I just cant get over them all  they are so amazing !

MARCH 2017 (22 of 37)

                                                         Mr Squirrel has a great view from up there  .

MARCH 2017 (32 of 37)

                                                                            As he looks way down at us .

MARCH 2017 (27 of 37)

                                                                             Just a perfect day  for all here .

MARCH 2017 (28 of 37)

MARCH 2017 (29 of 37)

Well that's it for all of us here  for now  , we are expecting lots of rain for the next day or so as of tonight  over night , so I will be inside doing indoor stuff I guess BOO ! lol  unless the weather changes and is nice out then ya know where I will be lol !

                                                        Forever an outdoor  Country Gal with nature and camera in hand   !

                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                                Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Love that feeder, I've been looking at one too. There are never too many photos of birds. Keep them coming. The song sparrow was around here today too. It was a chilly day but the sun made it out this afternoon. Rain for us too overnight Thursday into Friday.

William Kendall said...

The critters must be happy now that spring is starting to really settle in.

The Furry Gnome said...

Good luck with that "squirrel-proof" feeder!

Anita said...

Thanks so much for posting the ad for that feeder. I've looked up the website and am seriously considering getting a new feeder. We're tired of feeding squirrels and grackles!
Also, I enjoy the bird pictures; we have the same birds here but I'm nowhere near the photographer you are.

Linda said...

Always enjoy your photos...
We were at the lake yesterday...not a bad some raking done!
Enjoy your weekend...
Linda :o)

Anvilcloud said...

Has a truly squirrel proof feeder finally been invented. Only time will tell. lol