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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Crazy Weather & Approved Feeder


The weather so far today has been nuts , it snowed with freezing rain and rain all at the same time , now it is just rain thank goodness it is rain and not snow , we are to get lots and lots of rain though today and tomorrow with thunderstorms this evening   but this was the eastern sky this morning  just before this crazy weather  started a hint of sun rise  .

MARCH 2017 (1 of 27)

The birds are having a grand time at the feeders in this wacky storm and they love my new feeder  .  I have read that in the birding community this feeder is rated very high for its performance  for keeping bully birds and critters off  and that is true  none of them like it already  and my smaller birdies are finally able to feast in piece ! WOOHOO !  Papa got this feeder from Lee Valley Tools one of our favorite stores .

                The feeder is spring loaded and you can set it for what weight it will take before it will close off the seed .



                                                                              I have it set to Light weight .

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MARCH 2017 (1 of 2)

MARCH 2017 (18 of 27)                                    Mr Robin doesn't look to impressed with this chilly mixed weather either lol !

                                                 Miggs ..  well she is doing what she loves to do  on a rainy day  .

MARCH 2017 (3 of 4)

                                                                                         Until next time .

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Linda said...

The birdies sure love your new feeder. Did it come with the pole or was that extra? Lapps like it got a good soaking as well. That weather is headed our way overnight and tomorrow. Hopefully just the rain. Have fun bird watching.

DeniseinVA said...

Miggs is doing what I love to do on a rainy day, lol! Such a cutie. Your photos are great. That's a bird feeder I must try to find. Love the morning sky shot.

William Kendall said...

Apparently the snow's coming here this evening. There's still sunlight, but clouds have been building through the last couple of hours.

Miggs has the right idea. I don't know if it'll be enough to have to bother shoveling.

Martha said...

What a wonderful assortment of feathered friends you have visiting. It must be so much fun to watch - and photograph - them!

Linda said...

Stay cosy!
Linda :o)

The Furry Gnome said...

Glad your new feeder is working well!