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Sunday, April 19, 2015

This & That


So far the weekend has been lovely . I took some photos of the Robins playing  about the yard in the early morning of yesterday before we started our day !

APRIL 2015 (12 of 33)

We had six of them bobbing about here and there but was only able to get one or two of them as they just didn't want o cooperate with me and stay together so I could get a group photo lol !

APRIL 2015 (13 of 33)

APRIL 2015 (11 of 33)

         The morning was dewy and a bit foggy but all that disappeared when the suns heat shone down on us !

I took the large flat feeder down as the birds and Squirrels have enough other feeders for the spring , summer and fall . It isn’t a good idea to feed the critters and birds the same this time of year as  it is in the winters or they depend on us to much and wont get back to their natural hunting of bugs and what not or foraging that they need to teach their young to do this, this time of year , but Speedy squirrel was none to pleased at this as he was looking for the feeder , but Speedy junior in the back found the small bowl of food lol !

APRIL 2015 (2 of 33)

But then he eventually got it and went to share the food from the bowl and the other flat smaller feeder I leave out for them all year long  .

                                                      And Miggs was watching them very closely lol !

APRIL 2015 (3 of 33)

Then Papa and I got  busy re levelling his work shop deck as it had done a lot of sinking and shifting with the cold of the winter we had . That was a heavy tiring job mostly for Papa as he is the muscles around here .

APRIL 2015 (18 of 33)

APRIL 2015 (15 of 33)

                                                 And of course Miggs is supervising once again lol !

APRIL 2015 (16 of 33)

                          We finished this project  later in the day  then we had a fun air show happening above us .

APRIL 2015 (21 of 33)

Two American Navy planes were practicing  a few moves . We get a lot of small commercial , personal and air show planes this time of year around here as the small air port  the St Thomas airport is where they come and go from, it is only 20 min away from us in the small town of St Thomas and they use this air space around here cause it is clear of big jets .

APRIL 2015 (22 of 33) APRIL 2015 (24 of 33)

                                               They were wing tip to wing tip in this above photo .

APRIL 2015 (31 of 33)

         They also did a few moves as if they were dog fighting. For those who aren’t familiar with planes or air shows , the move dog fight is  when one breaks from the form and drops down and away from the other to go and attack the enemy   . They did this dog fighting in the sky’s in the war   as they fought the enemy but is used  mostly to this day as a stunt . So all this lasted about an hour , but the one dark plane left and a white one stepped in !

APRIL 2015 (28 of 33)

                                                                      It was fun to watch them .

Then after our little air show was done Papa and I got back to work on other things , like setting up our patio furniture  , puttering here and there and then finally stopped at about 3pm and relaxed for the rest of the day  .

Today is a putter do what we want not what has to be done day . The winds are blowing a bit chilly but the sun is out and is warm .

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                      Country Gal


eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, love your Robins shots.. And of course handsome Miggs is a treat to see. I love the shot of the Navy planes, cool to see them practicing.. Happy Sunday, have a great day!

William Kendall said...

Good shots of the planes!

TexWisGirl said...

cute robins. and adorable miggs watching those varmints. :)

DeniseinVA said...

Fun photos here, loved Miggy looking intently at the squirrel. Great sky shots of the planes.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I want a supervisor like your Miggs!!

Faye Henry said...

Hello Elaine.. Spring has sprung for sure in your part of our country.. It has here too as I have seen many robins.. Your's are gorgeous.. Miggs must be happy it is here, too.. smile.. Lots of work to do though... smile.. xo

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, beautiful Mr.Robin a bob bob bobbing along. Glad it's nice weather for you, great to be outdoors.Blessings Francine.

Gail said...

What wonderful amazing pictures.

I imagine those squirrels give Miggs a fit.

Michelle said...

Always nice to see those Robins out and about! Spring is a welcome friend after winter!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The robins are scurrying around here too. How lovely to see the planes overhead, my husband would love that. The weekend has been lovely, a little cool with the breeze at times but we still got in lots of time outside.

Linda said...

Hi Elaine....
When we arrived at the cottage on Friday at noon....
The fog was unbelievable! It lasted til nearly 5 o'clock!
The trees were dripping, my hair was soaked!
Love your Robins!
Linda :o)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine girl how are you doing ?
We are having good soaking rain which we actually needed but like you the aches are the price we have to pay for that necessity (glad to have the rain barrel filled too!)
Wow .. that must have been an eye full watching the planes .. we can get a few practices over Kingston with Trenton so close .. I swear some times they are going to land on the roof they are so near! haha
Hope we get some sunny weather again .. so much to get done yet!
Take care girl
Joy : )

Anvilcloud said...

There are always a number of spring jobs to do. This week won't be as nice as last. It's pouring today, but that's good too.

Pamela Gordon said...

I'll soon be putting my feeders away for the summer and let the birds fend for themselves. Besides I need my clothes line to hang the clothes on soon! How neat to see the planes 'playing' overhead.