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Saturday, April 25, 2015

An Early Morning Walk About


Miggs and I had an early morning  walk about the yard as the sun had just risen  and was shining it’s lovely soft light and the temps were cool but refreshing . Before I even got out there Mr Robin was waiting for me under the patio porch perched on the top railing of Miggs swing !

                                                                     Good morning Mrs Robin .

APRIL 2015 (1 of 32)

                                                                  So I took her photo and off he went !

                             Then I went out into the yard and was looking for things to photograph .

APRIL 2015 (2 of 32)

I guess the birdies were still sleeping as there were none on my feeders , oh I know why  Miggs was in hot pursuit of a squirrel  just on the other side of this big tree .

APRIL 2015 (16 of 32)

APRIL 2015 (17 of 32)

                                             Miggs leave Speedy squirrel alone he was having breakfast !

APRIL 2015 (11 of 32)

Over across the yard I noticed the last blue Jay we have here as I think they all have gone now ,oh and Mr Squirrel who is a newbie to our yard feasting on seed in the bowl on the stump !

APRIL 2015 (6 of 32)

APRIL 2015 (7 of 32)

Lots of buds everywhere ready to pop with blooms or leaves . My Lilacs here are close to bursting and I cant wait  I have a row of them in the back and one in the center of the yard  all different colours !

APRIL 2015 (9 of 32)

                                                             Trees are getting their seeds for leaves .

APRIL 2015 (31 of 32)

                                                             Forsythia bushes are bursting in buds .

APRIL 2015 (26 of 32)

                       Our row of Japanese willows are full of new buds , they are pretty when all in bloom !

APRIL 2015 (28 of 32)

                                          Our Irises  are growing and will be in  bloom soon on our hill .

APRIL 2015 (25 of 32)

                            This year  in my gardens all my Daffs and Tulips are late but they are getting there .

APRIL 2015 (13 of 32)

APRIL 2015 (14 of 32)

                       Birdies are busy feasting and nesting and the guys are attracting  the ladies singing  their songs and doing their  crazy dancing lol !

APRIL 2015 (24 of 32)

                             My Geraniums inside waiting to be able to go out side , not long now my pretties !

The sun shines almost every day now and the temps are going back up to where they should be , grass is a deep green and will need to be cut soon  . All is coming along wonderfully . I have a few things left to tidy up in the gardens but for the most part it is all done  next will be making a trip to my garden center on our May long weekend and picking up my flowers and plant them , cant wait for that .   Waiting and looking forward to the Hummers and Orioles to show up soon .

        Also  Looking forward to our crab apple tree to bloom and buzz as it does every spring with bees as they collect it’s nectar .

                                  So I will  be on my way  now , a photo of  last years crab apple tree in full bloom  !

May 2014 (7 of 22)

                                              Soon our yard will be full of blooms and more birds and critters  , I love it !!!

                                                                                     Until next time !

                           Country Gal


eileeninmd said...

Good morning, nice walk around the yard.. The birds look happy and Miggs is adorable as always.. I woke up to a frozen birdbath..It is cold here this morning, my poor hummer must be upset with this weather.. Have a happy weekend!

Deb said...

Beautiful photos, Elaine. Spring is here on our property, too. Lots of buds and crocuses opening up.

Topazshell said...

Your geraniums are beautiful.

William Kendall said...

Spring is coming along beautifully!

Anvilcloud said...

Robins are getting active here too. Not having the background that you do, I won't bother with pictures. :)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Elaine, I always love seeing your yard; what I am surprised at is how many bird feeders you have. I used to have a lot at our old house, but I hated all the weeds that came up from spilled seeds. Maybe if I had open acreage that wasn't landscaped I'd have lots again(I just hate to weed). Of course I did hang two out in the area behind our yard, on a blue spruce tree, and don't mind because the maintenance guys will mow that area. You have such wonderful birds as well. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Margaret Adamson said...

Love seeing allthe signs of springfrom the fresh green of the leaves to the returning Robins

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

We're slowly getting there, aren't we? I already purchased some plants at the nursery and they're waiting patiently in the garage but they're perennials so they can go in before the May 24.
It never fails when I'm trying to photograph birds in the backyard my guy will take off after a squirrel and scare them away. Miggs looks like he's having fun in the yard.