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Sunday, April 12, 2015

So Far !!


The weekend weather has been nice , all though sunny with cloudy periods yesterday it was chilly winds but that didn’t stop us from being out side !  Papa had the brakes to do on the van so he got down literally and did them !

APRIL 2015 (16 of 34)

                                                                                 One side then the next !

APRIL 2015 (1 of 34)

                                                   And of course Miggs had to supervise the entire time lol !

APRIL 2015 (17 of 34)

I was out with my camera also looking for  garden signs of spring as the past week I haven’t seen any growth happening but I did yesterday .

SPRING 2015PicMonkey Collage

                                                       Hyacinths , Wild Grape Hyacinth's  and Daffodils !

APRIL 2015 (11 of 34)

                                                      Then I saw I have my Tulips poking out as well !

APRIL 2015 (13 of 34)

                Oh boy, oh boy !!!! just what I have been waiting for I knew April showers  then sun shine and warmer temps would work ! We don't have  a stitch of snow left anywhere not even in the shaded areas  now ! Thank goodness !

APRIL 2015 (3 of 34)

Miggs supervising got interrupted my Speedy Squirrel playing about on our big old tree , little did Miggs know that he got away and went over to the other feeder by the crab apple tree !  Cheeky thing !

APRIL 2015 (20 of 34)

I was having fun taking spring photos yesterday I saw a glimpse of  our two chipmunks but they didn’t stay in one place long enough for me to get photos of them this time, they were to busy collecting more food and running about lol !

APRIL 2015 (23 of 34)

I saw Mrs Dovey taking a warm break in the sun on the rocks so I crept up ever so slowly and took a few photos of her !

APRIL 2015 (28 of 34)

                                  Then Speedy was getting a little nosey and wanted me to take his photo again !

APRIL 2015 (27 of 34)

Oh my Mrs Robin you are getting quite chubby , time to lay your eggs I would say , She was busy collecting grasses for her nest .

APRIL 2015 (10 of 34)

   Last years flowers from our Incredaball or Hydrangea bush most know it as  stuck in a corner of the gardens in the back !

APRIL 2015 (33 of 34)

This morning we woke to a bit of frost but the sun is shining and it is all warming up and the day promises to be lovely I saw Mr Bunny out and about in the sun rise .

APRIL 2015 (31 of 34)  Mrs Bunny was under the Cedar hedge in the back she didn’t want her photo taken , so Mr Bunny was kind enough to oblige !!

APRIL 2015 (30 of 34)

                                                               Then off he went to see Mrs Bunny !

Well the weather is looking lovely out there now and it is only after 8am so I am off  to get dressed and get going out side , I am going to go around cleaning up the sticks and small branches with my Ruby wagon and start a nice camp fire in the fire pit then we are hooking up the hose and I am getting out and setting up  my bird bath fountain , then maybe some raking . Papa is in his wood work shop cleaning and tidying then he will be doing an oil change on the van and that should be it for that old clunker  , I mean the van not Papa  ha ha !!!

                                                               Until next time  Hope you all have a good Spring day !

                                                                                 Country Gal


Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you have a lovely day and that Papa doesn't have to spend it doing car work - unless he wants to of course! xx

Primitive Stars said...

Looking wonderful around the homestead. Love the birds and the plants are popping up.Blessings Francine.

eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, it is great your hubby is able to do the necessary car repairs.. I do not trust a lot of car mechanics lately.. I love all your birds, squirrel and the cute bunny.. And Miggs always steals the show.. Great shots, enjoy your day!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Everything is looking great, and so glad you have daft, tulips and more poking through the ground. 2 of my 3 peony bushes have buds poking through. The rabbit tried to dig a hole under the lavender, lucky for us she hasn't c me back after we filled it in. I told the grandkids it was the Easter bunny looking for a place to sleep after delivering all the chocolates :) It is gorgeous out today, got all the winter greenery pulled from the tubs, cleared a bit and now I'm pottering with an idea with pots, no bottoms and the morning glory. Hmmm do come up with all sorts of crazy ideas. Enjoy the weather.

William Kendall said...

Wascally wabbit!

Miggs knows that supervising is something that must be taken quite seriously.

Jane and Chris said...

I've just spent a couple of hours digging over, and cleaning up the veggy patch. Tired,dirty,sore feet (from wellies) but BOY it feels good!
Jane x

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Such nice images to capture your lovely time outdoors. Every job needs a supervisor and Miggs seem to do it well :) Have a beautiful day!

Faye Henry said...

You surely do have Spring ... Love the bunny and I saw our first robin on Sunday... The snow is really leaving quickly now.. xo

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine girl you are definitely the poster kid for SPRING!
What a magical place you live in for all this beautiful wildlife to come and visit you .. simply gorgeous and you caught wonderful pictures of all the characters including your PaPa .. that was funny at the end ..LOL
It went up to 24 yesterday afternoon and YES ! I was out in my garden cleaning up .. you never truly know how big your garden is until you clean up ... a few more days ahead of me yet.. ouch ! LOL
Great and VERY Spring post from you little corner of Ontario girl!
Take care
Joy : )