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Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting Chilly & A Sick Pooch


The temps here have changed fast . We had rain last night and today it is sunny with cloudy periods and the  winds are blowing but it is chilly .  The air has a wintery feel and smell to it more now .

Because the beginning of this month has been unusually warm deer tics and such haven’t died off and Miggs picked one up yesterday .  I think it was yesterday as she went past her boundary and ended up in the field beside us of course chasing something  and that is the only place she has been with long grasses . Papa was able to get it out but because they can and may carry Lyme disease we have to keep a eye on her in the next week to make sure she doesn't show signs of the illness , all though the past week even though she has been playful  and going for our long walks she has been throwing up her suppers but keeps things down during day . We are at a bit of a puzzle cause everything seems to be normal like the other end when she does her business but the throwing up her supper we are baffled about ! We are in the midst of changing her food a little at a time as we think it maybe that , we just hope that's all it is .

Fall 2013 (12 of 49)

Dogs are funny creatures as they will eat anything and everything  …well Miggs will if ya let her I call her a bucket mouth and she does graze lol and they can get quite the upset tummy's at times all though you  would think they would always have an upset tummy with what they will and can consume . I have started to divide out her meal as a breakfast and then supper so it isn’t eaten in one sitting and see if that also helps . I find as dogs get older like people their tummies cant take a full meal at one time any more . Miggs is only 4 and she has changed in many ways but this is one way I hope we can help her with !

Fall 2013 (24 of 49)

We now know that the deer tics will live not only on deer but on birds to and possibly on any living blooded  animal  . We have lots of feral cats, squirrels, you name it and a large fox lurking around here , he showed up about a week ago so he could also be the carrier  of the tics . Miggs has lost a bit of weight with the throwing up but thankfully is still drinking her water and is still in good spirits and doesn’t seem to be in any pain of any kind .

                          We just feel so helpless cause they can’t tell us what’s wrong !

            I just pray that all it is , is that the food she had been having  doesn't agree with her any more and  we can get her back on track and she gets better ! Papa and I are at our wits end with the crap they put in dog food  and the  companies  that make them have  the nerve to say it’s healthy and  good for them .  Ya right you eat it .. then we will see how good it is ! We have been on a heavy research for the best and that actually labels their products so one can understand what the heck is . We are shocked  at the stuff they put in some of them .. it is scary  .  If she doesn't improve or god help us gets worse in the next week or so we will have to take her to the vet or as we call them the doggie doctor !

                                      Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best  !

                                               Until next time … have a good weekend !

                                                      Country Gal


Gail said...

I am sending healing thoughts for Miggs.

TexWisGirl said...

i have always fed my dogs twice a day. as long as she's still hungry and drinking lots of water, i hope she gets through this okay. sorry about the ticks. i keep our pups on flea and tick topical during the peak seasons. gets expensive, but can help, i hope.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I'm sorry Miggs isn't feeling well. Glad you found the deer tick-I've known so many folks that end up with Lyme's disease-it is one nasty thing! As for food, well over the years we've had the gammit of food issues. Our last dog, before Hunter, had a touchy stomach-so we put probiotics on his food and if he was throwing up would just boil chicken and also make white rice that seemed to help. Hunter is just plain picky-but we found Purina EN, for sensitive stomachs works the best for him. I tried high end foods and he wouldn't touch them. I could just boil up chicken every day but that makes it hard if we take him to our daughter's, when we are away. I also know he loves Salmon so I could always just buy salmon and give it to him. I'll pray that you figure out what is causing the issue and find a food that helps. If he continues to throw up, I'd seek a vet's opinion especially with weight loss.
Hugs, Noreen

Jane and Chris said...

I'd say no improvement over the weekend ,then off to the doggy Dr Miss Miggs. Tell her Aunty Jane said so..that should keep you out of trouble with her!
Have a lovely weekend...give Miggs a cuddle from us.
Jane x

colleen said...

So sorry to hear Miggs isn't feeling well. :'(

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope Miggs is on the mend and back to her usual self soon. It is such a worry when you don't really know the cause of the upset.

Buttons said...

Oh I am sorry about Miggs hopefully it is something he ate. Take care. B

Primitive Stars said...

Oh oh, prey Miggs is ok, Blessings Francine.

Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Dear Elaine, I'm so sorry to hear Migg's is under the weather. We wish her a speedy recovery and that she's back to her old cheery self soon! In the meantime I'd like to send you a copy of an article for homemade organic dog food that I read in MaryJanesFarm magazine in the last issue! I've got your email. so I'll send it along... maybe you can find other recipes online as well?! Good job to you and Papa for taking such good care of her!!! :) Deb

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

That really is the downfall of this lengthy warm season; the bugs just won't go away! Sorry to hear about Miggs. It's hard to see our furry friends not feeling well, and not being able to tell us what's going on.

Have a nice weekend. And I hope everything turns out well.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh poor baby, that's so not good to be sick all the time.

I do hope that you can figure out what it is.


fernvalley01 said...

poor Miggs!!! Rice pablum and low salt chicken stock is a staple around here for upset tummy. not so much with vomiting but with diarrhea, but it is easy to digest and gentle on tummies so maybe if you mix a slurry of it in with less dog food and see if it helps?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Still a bit warm and not so colorful here yet, Elaine, so enjoyed your sharing. Hope that Miggs is feeling better by the weekend.

Margaret Adamson said...

ah Poor Miggs. No fun being sick but if it persists, the doggy doctor is the answer.

Muffy's Marks said...

I certainly hope you get to the bottom of Miggy's tummy issues. I'm sure you've tried making your own dog food with chicken and white rice. We used to do that for Rufus when he had tummy problems. And it helped.

Lavender Cottage said...

I found a tick on our dog last year and rushed him to the vet to have it removed. I wanted to remove it myself and googled how, but was afraid of breaking the head off.
I hope it is something totally unrelated making your dog ill temporarily.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine girl .. I understand how you must feel .. we have gone through such heart break over the year with our kitties. A mysterious illness took one from us way too soon and we never got over it.
But they can also be very resilient after a bit of upset.
Miggs is only 4, so she is still a kid. Yes their food is important.
We spend a fortune on our cat food to make sure it is as good as it can be. Even the kitty litter (corn cob .. totally "green")
Ticks .. loathsome creatures, sorry she picked one up .. hard to avoid when you live in the country.
Dividing the food so it doesn't hit her little belly too hard is a good thing! You are doing the best you can and I am sure she will rally from your loving care. So hang in there girl !
Joy : )

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine... So sorry that my little friend is not feeling so great,poor little pup!!
It is a awful feeling not knowing what to do when they can't tell you!

Muffy's Marks subjection is a good one I have used in the past when I had a dog!!

Love to Miggs


camp and cottage living said...

I hope it all works out with Miggs.
We always had to buy a special dog food for our dog because of the junk in the regular store brands.

DeniseinVA said...

Poor Miggs and how worrying for you and Papa. Hope she feels better soon.

Faye Henry said...

Oh, I pray she will be all right.. It is so hard when they are sick..
It is still very warm here but perhaps soon it will cool down.. Gotta love these temps, though..
Thinking of Miggs..xox

Anonymous said...

Poor Miggs... hope she gets better soon...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm so, so hope that Miggs is feeling better by the time you read this. You're not asking for advice, but I will tell you anyway something you may already know and that's that you can also give a 10 mg. dose of Pepcid to help settle her stomach before you feed her--Its helped our dogs who have a sensitive tummy.

I also know what you mean about the ticks--We have a problem with them here too. All of our dogs (except for Todd) have tested positive for lyme disease at one time in their lives. Thankfully when it's caught early it's easy remedied with an antibiotic.

And finally, I just wanted to say that I thought of you when I was going through my blog lists to try and catch up--Three bloggers who I just adore have said 'good-bye' to blogging, I feel like I'm losing friends....

Take care, and again, we're sending healthy vibes for your sweet girl!!