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Friday, October 4, 2013

Capturing All I Can


It was raining all through the night and we just had a quick thunderstorm roll through this morning and  the sun is shining through a foggy haze  and loosing as more heavy clouds roll in .  An on and off rainy day today it is to be .

Yesterday morning I thought this was thick fog when I looked out my kitchen window then I realized hey wait a minuet I can smell wood smoke wafting through my windows   , oh   it smells so wonderful on a damp chilly morning  . It was our friends J & S down in the valley who live close to the river bank had an early morning bond fire going  . They have a fire pit by the river bank where they launch their  river boat  . We live on a bit  higher  ground on  a  small hill over looking the lower part of the valley .

Fall 2013 (1 of 7)

The smoke looked nice rolling through the valley so of course I had to capture it cause hey that’s what I do lol !

Fall 2013 (2 of 7)

                              The morning was cloudy with the odd pop of sunshine !

Fall 2013 (9 of 33)

All though  as dark as the clouds were they were wonderful looking  with the sun shining .

Fall 2013 (15 of 33)

            Then  later in the afternoon the  weather turned out wonderful , sunny and warm .

Fall 2013 (20 of 33)

During harvest time this tractor and others pass by our house from the farm down the road and over the old bridge from us… They drive by our house with many different veggies and fruits on their wagons . They grow them at the farm and transfer them to another farm on the other side of our  valley village . Today it was green peppers being transported , last week it watermelon's  and the weeks before it was cucumbers . I love seeing and hearing them go by .

The Monarch butterfly has been pretty scares this year . I have seen a few this week flutter by with out stopping  on  my flowers until I saw this guy ! So I just had to get photos as this time last year I was literally swarmed here with them  taking photos !

Fall 2013 (30 of 33)

                            I was so happy he decided to stop and take a few poses for me lol !

Fall 2013 (26 of 33)

                              This year just hasn’t been the same with out them around !

I have been out every day just lapping up the beautiful fall weather and  all the sights and sounds of nature trying to capture as much as I can !

                        “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  

                                                                          Albert Einstein

                          Take time to enjoy nature  ,  stop ,  look and listen and you will be amazed !

                                                                          Country Gal

                                                    Until next time .. Have a snap happy day !

                                                                 Country Gal


Julie Marie said...

Beautiful photos as always... so fun seeing the farm truck with veggies drive by each day... it snowed in the night here... I am sooo NOT ready for snow!... just a titch here in the valley but our mountains are covered in it... supposed to warm up tomorrow... I want a nice, crisp cool Autumn... no more snow!... xoxo Julie Marie

Buttons said...

Albert Einstein was truly a genius with that quote. Great shots of the smoke. Have a nice weekend looks like rain. B

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I also love your photos. Your hills and landscape remind me of Appalachia. I have always loved Monarchs but we don't get them here. What different weather we've had this year.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Noreen

Willow said...

Same with us in New England Gail no Monarchs this year ,last year they were indeed abundant. Sad really that they weren't around this year , can't be good :(

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the photo of the woodsmoke in the trees. It smells so lovely doesn't it? The pictures of the Monarch butterfly are beautiful. A rare sight this year. Have a lovely weekend.

Dawna Motz said...

Stopping by from Farmgirl your fog pictures and the Monarch on the flower is stunning! Fall colors at its natural best!

TexWisGirl said...

love the smoke hanging in the air and the butterfly, too. haven't seen a monarch in a long time.

Jane of Levant said...

Beautiful pictures and such a delight to see that gorgeous Monarch butterfly such a wonderful colour - Jane UK said...

Love your Monarch Butterfly. I have seen only one this year too.

How beautiful with the orange flower.

Michelle said...

Soon we will fire up our wood stove. I always love the smell of one burning! Great picture of the smoky haze!

Faye Henry said...

Beautiful as always, dear friend.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hardly any rain here most of this summer, so could sure use a couple which we might be getting early next week. The smoke shots were great, Elaine, as was the monarch butterfly.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We have had the warmest day since, well forever.

Hope that you get a chance to see more sunlight.


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Awesome photos as usual. Thank you for sharing.

missy said...

No Monarchs for me this year..Love your pictures...Wish we'd get some rain..10 inch deficit..

Linda said...

Hi Elaine...
I also love the smell of a bonfire...
I remember as a child, the smell of burning leaves...
That Monarch..with the marigold is awesome!

Linda :o)

Renegades said...

What pretty pictures of the butterfly.