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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This & That

part 1

Yesterday I went hunting for things to photograph and try capturing all kinds of different textures the weird and the unusual.

                                                     This is what I found !


                       This is my  Cactus which blooms this time every year !




           Papas rose bush is still blooming even after the bad frost we have had !


                   I like pine trees and pine cones!



                                    A very hairy stem !DSC_1350

DSC_1354 This has been stuck inside this log for years and I have no idea what it is! It is plastic I know that !DSC_1357DSC_1369   A cascade of mushrooms running down the log ! I love photographing the weird and the unusual.

As I was setting up this post this morning Miggy was sounding like she was having her fur ripped off, so I had to stop and see what the problem was  .” PAPA GET OUT  YOUR GUN , WE'RE HAVING POSSUM FOR SUPPER “!     not really just love saying and thinking that  Papa is at work  but I sent him an E-mail about it with that as the heading lol  hoping he may get a chuckle as he can picture me doing this .  I was in my rubber boots and jammie’s as usual when something like this  happens a real country bumpkin  I'd say, defiantly never in my Sunday best when things like this happen around here . The Possum got in the trap that we use for trapping the hundreds of rabbits we have around here as the rabbits are more of a nuisance then the Possums, Possums  do no harm for us here so I released  him in the field and watched him waddle away, he was a big one heavy to carry in the trap as well . I told Papa that the rabbits have figured us out with the trap since we haven't had any in it for some time and get everything else but rabbits so it is now closed  . At Our Country Cove ya never know what little adventures your gona find !                                            

                                                              part 2 of This & That tomorrow.

                                   Until next time hope you have a great day !

                                           Country Gal



Amish Stories said...

Great close-ups and yet everything is in focus, i only wish i were that good! Richard from Amish Stories.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I tell you, that second photo is jaw dropping awesome. you have some amazing items to photograph.

Ellen said...

Wow, that cascading mushroom should win an award! You are an awesome photographer. Love your fodder for photos.