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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finished Our Yard Clean Up


Yesterday Papa and I continued with the rest of our yard work . The gardens are now bare .

Papa got the tractor out and picked up more of the leaves mulched them as they went into the baggers instead of raking them up, it was faster and easier  then we burned them in the fire pit. I love the smell of a fire pit going in the fresh cool fall air. The weather was nice , sunny a little chilly but great for working outdoors.

                       I decided to take some photos as it was such a nice day !


                                            Miggy playing with her rope !


     Before we started the fire pit !     Miggy likes to steal sticks from the fire pit !


          Papa getting the fire going  after dumping the some leaves in.


                                Miggy insisted on playing fetch .


                                      Miggy dancing for her ball !


                                           Papa got his camera out  !

elaine and misty (1 of 1)

                        And took this photo of Miggy sitting pretty for a treat !


  After all the leaves were burnt Papa got some of the scrap wood from his work shop and put it in the fire pit. We just stood around the fire and enjoyed the sunny weather and the wonderful smell from the fire, fresh air and the sounds of nature around the Cove.

It is another beautiful sunny fall day today  and we just finished storing the rest of the patio furniture and the solar garden lamps and brought some wood up to the house for our wood stove. Now Papa is in his work shop finishing up a project that he has built for a guy from his work . Then we will relax and enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.

                                 Until next time , hope you have a great day !

                                             Country Gal


Kathy said...

Looks like a lovely afternoon, it is truly rewarding to enjoy the fruits of your labor - in your case a cozy warm fire! Love your dog!

Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful day. I, too, enjoy the smell of a fire. We put our leaves into compost bins, though, and our roses love them the next year.

We will be home soon and will enjoy a fire in the fireplace. :)

Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice fall day!

Crystal from ranchriding

Muffy's Marks said...

I love the smell of leaves burning. Miggy is quite the dog!!!

Patsy said...

I got some work done in my flowers today.
Give Miggy a hug for me.

Mama-Bug said...

That fire looks so cozy! Burning leaves always smells good in the fall.

Gone Country said...

Ah, we love a good fire in the fire pit too!

Sounds like you guys got a lot done and are ready for winter!

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a lovely day!

Ellen said...

Miggy is such a sweetie-pie. Thanks for sharing your day.

Pat said...

Nothing like a fire on a crisp day! In many places in the States, burning leaves is outlawed. I do like the smell of it, though.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love the smell of wood burning, especially in the Autumn.
Looks like you got a lot done, and Miggy was a busy helper :)
Sweet girl.

Gail said...

I can smell the smoke...wonderful day and great pictures.