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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Papa and I went to do some antiquing . I wasn't on a mission to find anything particular . I find that most of the time my best finds are unexpected like this clock ! I have always loved these pendulum chiming clocks but had a hard time finding just the right one with the right sounding chime , ticktock and looks that I like, but yesterday when we were wondering around this antique ware house I heard a chime of a clock that just stopped me in my tracks, it was as if it were calling out to me to take it home. Well I went all around to see where the sound came from and what one it was as they had quite a few chiming clocks . Papa helped me search and he noticed this one clock that was a few minutes past the hour and figured it was this one since the other clocks weren't running , so we asked the lady if we could get her to make it chime again , so she did and that was the one, the clock that stopped me in my tracks, so it came home with us and it is lovely, it has a soft old grandfather like ticktock and the chime is on the hour and every half hour with the same old grand father chime more of a soft dong sound !


                                   All original parts ,casing and glass ! It was well looked after !

Then as we were searching for more wonderful finds Papa whom collects spoons from around the world found this lovely antique spoon cabinet and more spoons they don't make theses like this any more ! So he got that and it fits lots of his spoons and looks good !


There was so much wonderful antiques in this place but we had Miggy with us and couldn't get to much to take back in the van. It seems like this antique ware house carries estate stuff which is great , lots of old farm house antique furniture dishes and so on .I saw lots of great stuff and we will be going back, there's a lovely antique side board I want to get to go under my clock !

         It was a good day of nosing around wondering what the historical story these antiques had to tell !

                                                Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                                           COUNTRY GAL


Gail said...

I love things with a history...if only they could talk.

Fantastic finds!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely, hoppin shoppin kind of day...good finds....and company...a perfect way to spend the day. The simple is all @ crochet by the sea

Seasons said...

It is a beautiful antique clock - dark wood, pale bronze face, silver pendulum, and simple cabinet markings. I would love to hear its sounds, even though you have explained it quite well. And papa is so well-organized and caring about his antique spoons collection. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and your experience!

fernvalley01 said...

looks like fun I used to go antique shopping with my mom a lot

Patsy said...

Now that is my kind of fun day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun and prosperous day shopping for antiques!

Crystal from ranchriding

Vicki said...

Great finds!

Mama-Bug said...

Fantastic finds! Love them both.

Anonymous said...

I love old chime clocks, nothing like having the real thing. Now days they have the computerize digital type sound and its awful. I bet that echos through your house. I hope to one day find the kind of mantle clock we had with the westminister chime.

Love your fall pics below. Fall is coming soon here. I hear the hummers are on their way here from Canada so my feeders are ready for them.

Hope you have a blessed week.

Simple Southern Happiness

Amish Stories said...

So many folks that ive seen save those spoons. Richard